Season 1 Episode 5

The Wrong Address / The Wrong Customer

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 23, 2007 on Cartoon Network

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  • The worst episode ever.

    Ok, this episode was not so good. Panini was not in either part of the episode, but that is not the problem. The main problem is that Mung Daal has lost most of his property. After he left the apartment tower, their car was gone, so Mung Daal blames it on the unsmart gang across the street. Then, they hijacked the pig lady's car and got hurt by pepper spray. When the pig crashed, the customer said he will never order from Mung, again. So, Mung loses one of his customers, and the pig lady stole all of the money that Mung got from the order, just to spray pepper spray on him. Due to what Mung did to the street gang, they chased him. And this is where he found out his kitchen was destroyed. Now, he lost one of his customers, the money he got from the customer, his kitchen, and his wife. And Shnitzel thinks about quitting because of what Truffles and the owl did to him. The second episode was better than the first, but was far too inappropiate for a kid's show. And Truffles was so mean that we can ever think of. The writers got to think clearer next time they write an episode.