Strike Back: Origins

Season 1 Episode 6

Afghanistan - Part Two

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM May 19, 2010 on Sky1

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  • Brit action hero in Afghanistan, lots of gunplay.

    Not having seen any other episodes this was an intro to the Strike Back story. Porter as played by Richard Armitage is a suitably buff and uber competent super special ops soldier. Maybe a little too accurate with the Ak-47 and only a scratch after mulitple fire fights. Runs about a rocky desert after a loony, and unintelligible red-headed computer-geek turned Taliban-sympathizer. Oh and Alexander Siddig shows up as a smooth warlord operator working the angles. Common in Brit spy action genre these days is the unequal relationship between the overlording US and subservient UK Intelligence. The US CIA man in London finally gives the MI6 office the facts of life and the sullen faces speak volumes. What's the message here Mr. Producer? There's a few clangers - how does that guy get from an office in London to the wilds of Afghan so fast? Hand grenades don't cause so large explosions..., special FX a little cheapo, but all in all good TV.