Strike Back: Origins

Sky1 (ended 2010)


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  • Pretty poor all round, I found myself shouting at the telly again and again, such a shame as the book was fantastic.

    I couldnt bring myself to watch the second episode of this series as the first was so shocking (although i did record it). Being a bit of a militery buff I have enjoyed chris ryans books as you have the sense that he knows what he is talking about. The first episode failed to put down the markers that are required for the twists in the plot that we have in the book, The attention to detail from Sky has been shocking from the use of helicopters that are not in british use to the tactics of the team taking the "strong house", four guys storming a building full of an uknown amount of hostiles, where were the 4 chinooks full of para's, the apache's or the predator drone? was Chris Ryan anywhere near the production team? was any informed indavidual there? Its such a shame to see what was a fantastic book so poorly cobbled together by sky......I mean come on guys, the "a" team getting briefed in basra and porter the "b" not being allowed to sit in....who thought that should be included? find them and shoot them.

    The thing that really got me was the lack of sense of guilt that porter was feeling after the botched op, its a thread which winds through the book but in the series appears to be replaced by the after thought of "oh well porter it went wrong and your out", it doesnt fit into the plot...nor make any real sense.

    Dont even get me started on the "honey trap sargent".....