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Strike Back: Origins

Sky1 (ended 2010)


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Strike Back: Origins Fan Reviews (4)

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  • Great fun. Well done Sky!

    The book is poor and only warranted a grudging 3 stars from Amazon reviewers. Sky have turned it into something better. In the first double episode, the story-line has been tightened up and silly moments have been ironed out. It was fast-paced, exciting and finished on a good plot twist. I'm hoping that the following episodes will be even better once Mercurio is responsible for the ideas and the script. Richard Armitage as the tough/tender hero was the perfect choice for the role of John Porter while Andrew Lincoln and Orla Brady gave him excellent support. I believe there was a lot of input from Chris Ryan and other SAS soldiers and Sky have done their best to get it right, although there will always be nerdy nit-pickers who examine the details with a microscope and seem unable to just sit back and enjoy the show.

    I shall be watching the rest of the series, buying the DVD to lend to friends who don't have Sky and really hoping that Sky will make some more John Porter stories.
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