Strike Back: Origins

Sky1 (ended 2010)


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  • I gave it a 4 because it had decent action. But it was also unrealistic.

    In the first part of the first show he's looking through his scope and recognizes a high ranking guy on his wanted list. And he doesn't take the shot. Meanwhile an open-top truck rolls in and deposits enemies right under him in clear sight and he doesn't take the shot. A kid kills his friends because he didn't take that shot, and the most believable part! Absolutely crap! I can't watch such sloppy military action. The kid was a mistake that can and does happen. But the other times he didn't take a shot? No way. Then there's all kinds of emotional drama with personal relationships. More crap. Just decide if you are making an action show or a drama for Pete's sake. And soul searching? Just leave out the action and label it drama already! I decided to not watch any more. Mixed genre's might be some kind of deep art, but they are not entertaining.