Chrissy & Mr. Jones - Season 1

VH1 (ended 2013)


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Episode Guide

  • Better Me
    Episode 8
    Chrissy knows she can't keep living in a hotel and that she's hurting Jim by keeping him at arm's length. It's time to choose: does she move back in with Jim, or find her own place and move on with her life?
  • In Your Business
    Episode 7
    Jim is desperate to get Chrissy back in his life, and he starts taking big steps to show her he values her and is willing to change. After the success of the fashion show, the tension between Emily and Talia gets worse instead of better and Chrissy has to try to keep the girls from tearing the company apart before it can make a dime. Mama and Freddie meet to discuss the future of Pumkásh and Freddie's percentage.moreless
  • Jacket Racket
    Episode 6
    Chrissy hasn't seen Jim in two weeks and the couple's rift is growing. Emily and Talia help Chrissy choose which male models will make the jackets pop at their upcoming fashion show, and Jim tries to solve his problems by hiring a new assistant. Mama talks to a perfumer about making Pumkásh a reality.moreless
  • Pack Your Bags
    Episode 5
    Chrissy has moved into a hotel to get away from her problems with Jim. With her focus on the new jacket line, Chrissy is forced into damage control mode when Emily tries to humiliate Talia with a risqué part of her past. Meanwhile Mama Jones, afraid that Jim and Chrissy are headed for disaster, makes it her mission to get them back together.moreless
  • Run to The Rev
    Episode 4
    Chrissy calls out Momma Jones' parenting of Jim. Momma tries to set Jim straight on his attitude. During a design meeting, Emily and Talia do not see eye to eye. Meanwhile, Jim and Chrissy seek out spiritual help from the number one reverend in hip-hop to mend their relationship.
  • Scent of a Woman
    Episode 3
    Chrissy has a heartfelt exchange with Emily after receiving unexpected news. Emily visits Jim to try and understand the tension that is ripping up his relationship with Chrissy. Freddie indulges Momma Jones in her wacky new business venture. Freddie goes to Jim's studio to resolve their longstanding beef. Meanwhile, Chrissy gets real with Mr. Jones about the future of their relationship.moreless
  • Eggs & Beggin'
    Episode 2
    Chrissy approaches Jim on the subject of having children. Talia and Emily get a bomb dropped on them by Chrissy. Paulina learns that Jim might lose the sale of the house. Meanwhile, Freddie tries to make amends with Momma Jones, as she employs his help with her next crazy moneymaking scheme.moreless
  • To Be Or Not To Be
    Episode 1
    Chrissy wants to take their relationship to the next level, but feels like Jim isn't on the same page. Meanwhile, their house has been sold and the couple has precious little time to move out.