Christopher Closeup - Season 1

Premiered Sep 01, 1952 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • Achieving Success
    Achieving Success
    Episode 30
  • Hunger
    Episode 29
  • Jury Duty
    Jury Duty
    Episode 28
  • Florence Nightingale
  • Handicapped
    Episode 26
  • A Discussion With Basil Rathbone
  • The Day We Celebrate Christmas
  • The World Starts With Jimmy
  • Tribute to Teachers
    Tribute to Teachers
    Episode 22
    Program includes panel discussion on the subject of education, with Father Keller and three high school teachers; Dennis Day tells the inspirational story of Dorothea Lynn Dix; June Gundcheon offers another in a series on how to be a leader.
  • What One Person Can Do -- Marie Vroman
    Marie Vroman, a black school teacher, is interviewed. She has written an article on the fact that black school children learn in the same manner as whites.
  • Parliamentary Law
    Parliamentary Law
    Episode 20
  • A Link in the Chain
    A Link in the Chain
    Episode 19
    The story of a retiring school teacher who feels that he has not lived a worthwhile life. He remembers his past experiences by means of flashbacks.
  • Lincoln Speaks for Himself
    From the words of books, an historical perspective on one of America's greatest leaders.
  • Let George Do It
    Let George Do It
    Episode 17
  • What One Person Can Do -- Johnny Burke & James Van Heusen
    Songwriters Johnny Burke and James van Heusen learn what one person can do to change the world for the better.
  • You Can Change the World
    Father Keller, founder of the Christophers, talks to a group of celebrities gathered at Jack Benny's house about the Christopher Movement and how they can help. They ask scripted questions and voice their support. Keller states the importance of people taking up careers that affect the fate of this country. When asked if they're anti-communist, he says their concept is to "put good people in fields, not chase evil people out." He relates Hitler's Germany to America's conditions; "We're either for God or against God, and if it's the latter, we'll pay the penalty and soon." He comments that Hitler and Marx tried to reduce man's worth to nothing, quoting them to prove it, and states that people have to get back to the Declaration of Independence. Paul Douglas recites the Declaration of Independence from memory while Father Keller stops him occasionally to explain it. Keller tells inspirational stories of "little people" who discovered the Christophers, to illustrate "what one little person can do." Bing Crosby sings The dream I'm building with composers Burke and Van Housen on piano. Benny reads Abraham Lincoln's last speech to Keller's approval with a moved Rochester stationed in the foreground.moreless
  • The Two Worlds of Ann Foster
    The story of a woman who had everything in the world that she wanted, but not what she really wanted. She is an insomniac who finally falls asleep only to meet her other self, who shows her that success and material possessions are not everything. She needs to learn how to give.moreless
  • Sentence Deferred
    Sentence Deferred
    Episode 13
    Story of John Augustus, a man who made a great contribution to the American system of law by coming up with the concept of probation.
  • Father and Son
    Father and Son
    Episode 12
  • Religion in Government
  • Damien
    Episode 10
    In Hawaii, a priest is sent to a leper colony on an outer island for the rest of his life.
  • Changing the World
    Changing the World
    Episode 9
    The Christopher Society, in its continuing efforts to change the world for the better, tells in this program what a housewife should do to make her family happy and right-thinking. A mother of 9 children is interviewed and then a drama is presented.
  • All God's Children
    All God's Children
    Episode 8
    A prisoner of war returns home.
  • Atomic Energy As A Force For Good
    The story of a western rancher and his experience with atomic energy.
  • Knock On Any Door
    Knock On Any Door
    Episode 6
  • George Washington Speaks
    Readings from the writings of George Washington.
  • From Star to Star
    From Star to Star
    Episode 4
    God has put atomic energy at man's disposal for our benefit; includes songs by the guest stars.
  • Thomas Jefferson
    Thomas Jefferson
    Episode 3
    Buchanan reads from the writings of Thomas Jefferson. June Gunchon discusses how to be a leader. Included is a panel discussion on the axiom do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
  • Government Is Your Business
    A man decides to run for city council over the objections of his family and friends. The moral is that government is everyone's business.
  • Faith, Hope and Hogan
    Program deals with the comeback of golfer Ben Hogan after near-fatal car accident with emphasis on principle of hard work.