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    Some fans have reported an extra expisode, not on the DVD, that aired later w/the entire cast that wrapped up the cliffhanger that the show ended with. I had never heard of this, can anyone else confirm that it exists?
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    I realize this question was asked nearly three years ago now, but I'll just set the record straight for anyone else who may have this question.

    The answer is NO, there was NEVER another episode with Kellie Martin, Tyne Daly,and the rest or the original cast following the impromptu series finale, "The Road Home". There were, however, three follow up telefilms that aired on the now defunct PAX network back during the 2000-2001 TV season, entitled "Return to Cutter Gap" and "Choices of the Heart, Parts I & II". These did resolve any and all loose ends left at the end of the original series, but the majority of the cast for these three final films was greatly different, with only two supporting actors returning (I believe): Stewart Finlay-McLennan as Dr. McNeill and Mike Hickman as Birdseye Taylor. Christy was portrayed by Lauren Lee Smith for this trilogy, and the remainder of the cast were and are relatively unknown Canadian actorswith the exception of Diane Ladd, who took over the part of Miss Alice. Also, the sets were completely different as all three of these revival movies were filmed in British Columbia, Canada, while the original was filmednear the "real" Christy's location in Townsend, Tennessee (the actual events took place in Del Rio, Tennessee). Curiously, the sets-both interior and exterior-for the original series were definitely still standing asof 2008 (and are most likely still standing today) as I visited themin person myself, but the producers still elected tobuild all new sets in Canada. Presumably, this was done forbudget reasons since it is wellknown thatfilmproductiontaxes are much lower North of the border, butstill it would seemto have been cheaper to use existing structures and not have to build anything. There are rumors that the property masters are hard to get along with, so that couldbe a part of it, too. The original sets wererepurposed and used once again in the 2008 indie film "Bell Witch" (I purchased this film on DVD...although it isn't SUPER, it isn't bad for an indie film, and the sets are used heavily both inside and out...they even used the same cave from the 'Ghost' episode! Even some props are the same!). If you would like a copy for yourself visit

    For anyone curious about the condition of the original sets as of 2007 andsome hints to their whereabouts, please visit my otherthread in thisforum.

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