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  • Best Show Ever

    I think he is so hilarious. his wife is so nuturing and supportive.

    they deal with real life issue's and im captivated by them all. something's remind me of my youth and how strict my dad was, he raised 5 girl's. Imagine that Mr. Christly, lol.

    So glad your on the air i look forward to watching you all the time. I hope you never go away.


    Tracy Mendez
  • A great outstanding drama for just about everyone

    Even if this is based off a bestselling novel. It still is a great series. Quick plot a city girl becomes a mission teacher in the Great Smoky Mountains. For the first time see comes face to face with the harsh relms of real life. As she tries to do her job she is faced with many diffculties. But she tries to win the respect of the pround people that live there, and try to make a difference in their lives. Me and my wife have watched the T.V movie of it. Now we just finished the show. Now she's tring to read me the book so we can compare all them. so far I liked the show better.
  • I want more and more of it everytime I watch and episode!

    Christy is such and amazing show. I can't believe that I watched the entire season of it within a week with my sister. I just hope that I will be able to find the continuing episodes on DVD soon. I love the ambition that Christy displays throughout the movie, and the role is played so well. There is a message in each and every one of the episodes that makes you want to be a better person, and the romances keep up the interest level. I just hope that people will watch the show and appreciate the message behind all of the episodes as much as I did.
  • Being an actor on the show, I know I'm biased...but it trully is one of the best family and faith-oriented shows ever to appear on television.

    I would like to set the record straight, however, that the show took place in the Appalachian mountains of East Tennessee, not the Blue Ridge Mts. of West Virginia or in Kentucky. Specifically, she left her home in Ashevile, NC to teach at a mission in the fictional Cutter Gap, TN.

    However, the story of Christy, written by Catherine Marshall, was based on the true story of her mother who taught school in the real-life community of Del Rio, TN.

    The show was filmed in Townsend, TN, about 30 miles from Gatlinburg.
  • oh the lessons taught by this show where ahead of there time it was a great show one of the best but did not last long enough

    this was a show that could have been great if it was not cancled so soon it was a fine show and I am enjoying it all over again on dvd and remmbering the love of dr mcneil for christy and her being torn between him and the preacher the people of cutter gap made feel bad for there poverty and yet at the same time be encourged b there strenghth I am so glad they brought this show back on dvd it is such a classic that stands the test of time It also teaches important life leasons of streanghth and courage
  • Young 19 year old Chirsty leaves the big city and head out to the Blue Ridge mountines, West Va. to become a teacher, and help those better themselves.

    I loved this show. I was a little girl of about 12 when this was on and it inspire me to be come a teacher myself. I hope to help other such as she did. I really wish they would at the least show rerun, we need a major break from all the violent and reallity shows.
  • A young teacher hopes she can help up lift a small back woods Kentucky town.

    Christy is a show about a 19 year old teacher who gives up a comfortable life to teach at a small school in a Kentucky back woods town.

    Christy learns about how poor the town folk are as well as how under educated the children are.

    She wrestles with weather or not to stay after having confrontations with various families in the town.

    In the end she decides to stick it out for the children, and possibly for the love of a young reverend.

  • deep

    Few shows are so intellegent. And by intellegent i don't mean serious or humorless, but just well done. Christy was one of these.I love all the characters, and rarely did a show such a depth of the human spirit-the characters were not just 2-dimensional beings who laughed and cried, but real REAL people with a full range of emotions and life situations to deal with. Christy was so special in not only did it show a wonderful story of these mountain people and the new arrivals to their community, but it was done so beautifully as to neither make fun of the human experince or rose-color it. Wow..there was such depth to this show, that you could experince even PIECES of one episode on so many levels. A few scenes or lines could bring out a range of emotions all at the same time for the viewer.

    I just noticed that shows that came from books seem to be a success, as in the likes of this and Little House.

    I don't know completely why there is so little demand for something of this type. The airwaves NEED more intellegent humor,a show of basics values,and something that shows at least a few ideals, instead of complete "Reality TV". Becuase "Christy" showed a harder side of life that most people don't even know today... and shows along this line are still critisized for being too "idealistic".
  • A timeless tale of what one selfless girl can do for a whole community, at the start of adolecence.

    I really loved this show, ever since I was a little girl. It really puts into perspective how much just a few people can change a whole community. If anyone knows how I could buy the whole series either on VHS or DVD, I would be very interested in buying it!!!! I am so saddened that it is no longer taping. Especially right now, when we need all the influence it gives on how to help others, love others, and never Judge.