Chrno Crusade

Season 1 Episode 24


Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Jun 10, 2004 on
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Things are starting to get back to normal at the Seventh Bell Orphange after everyone has become unfrozen. Meanwhile, Azmaria and everyone at the Magdalene Order are still searching for the missing Rosette and Chrono, who have decided to stay hidden so they can spend some time together before Rosette's life runs out.moreless

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  • Another sucking anime series that involves Catholic Religion.

    This series is just awful for everything. I mean turning people into insane nutjobs and that bastard Aion is still alive while all his comrades are dead, he is pure evil like the devil. Rizelle did not do a job as a spider devil, she could have use her webs to capture Azmaria and than gets killed by Rosette. Azmaria quetions about herself why was she the only one spared and it was never explain why. This was a poor lame series to begin with. Much bad like the anime version of Trinity Blood how that was not a good series and had a lot of lose ends that did not explain quite well. Both these show are completely awful and very bad. So says my rights.moreless
  • I cried... a wonderful bitter sweet ending

    A complete tear jerker. I swear it was really a painful episode to watch, but i loved this series. It was an amazing ending to an amazing series, and i felt it was kinda of an cliff hanger but i can deal with that. i can't fully express what i think of this episode but if u havent seen it please watch it. A nice ending with Rosette and Crono together and they are now in peace. I wish the series was longer and the chrarcters developed more but oh well i like Chrono Crusade just the way it is.moreless
  • It was really hard to watch, It was so sad!

    I just kept crying the whole time! I just keep seeing the scence over and over again and I still can't help it but cry! I thought it was really sad when Rosette said she didn't want to die and was scared! And Chrno just wanted to die with her! (That's REAL love, don't you think?) Then they are holding each others hand... But... You must be so scared to know you're going to die within a few minutes, really it must feel horrible...

    And when they are found: it's too late! I think it's also a bit sad for Azmaria, now she's alone!

    Really.. I'm not a girl who cries alot, but this... It was so extremely sad!

    Thanks for reading my review! ~LittleWolfDemon~moreless
  • In this episode it start where chrono and rosette used to live which where the people(who were stones before)were back azmaria sang a song to them.Sister kate saying that she wanted to be a sister like rosettemoreless

    I think this episode had a little complicated story in this episode because the way I think this was like having not likely well done.When rosette and chrono died I think that this two were the ones were liked each other.This episode was very complicated because remington at the end of the anime was by himself and he saw aion (who's already killed)and he stractch out his arm to desist him there was a gunshot.I think chrono crusade could have complicated story behind the last episode.moreless
  • wow. i didnt think that the series would end so sadly. i was hoping they would live happily for the remaining time that she had left to live. great way to end the series with them together and expressing their love for each other. i love the series.moreless

    such a sad love ending between the two. i expected a more happy ending, but a tragic love scene is just as good. i thought this last episode was well done. i still cannot believe that she would die. i was expecting a more happy ending, however the ending still was well done. this episode has a great dramatic and romantic approach to end the series.
Sho Hayami

Sho Hayami

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Yoshiko Sakakibara

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