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Time Change Alert For Chrono Crusade

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    [1]Apr 22, 2011
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    This is a time change alert for Chrono Crusade. I don't know how permanent this schedule change is for AniThursday but as of April 21st AniThursday will begin at 1am and end at 3am on Syfy.

    Chrono Crusade will wrap up around May and then Star Blazers will be taking its 1am time slot while Naoki Urasama's Monster will be taking the place of Star Blazers at 2am beginning in May.

    Current Schedule:

    Chrono Crusade: 1am

    Chrono Crusade: 1:30am

    Star Blazers: 2am

    Star Blazers: 2:30am

    This concludes this time change alert for AniThursday on Syfy.

    Edited on 04/22/2011 9:45pm
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