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  • A pretty good anime show.


    I watched this show online on an anime site and I thought this show was pretty good. This show takes place in the 1920's in New York. This show is about Rosette Christopher, a nun exorcist who fights demons alongside her partner and friend Chrno, who is a devil. Rosette is also on a mission to find her younger brother, Joshua who as a child grew devil horns and started having these noise issues that would cause things around him to be frozen in time. Rosette and Chrno have to fight against Aion to save Joshua and prevent the heirocy of Mary of Magdelin from destroying the world.This show starts out with a lot of comedy, but as the episodes go by, the comedy begins to fade away and emotional drama tries to place its place. The animation was well done in this show and since I watched it online, it did not have that really clear quality to it, but that doesn't matter. The characters were good. They seemed to have good personalities. Some of the characters were very enjoyable like: Rosette, Chrno, Azmaria, Satella and Father Remington. Some were not so enjoyable like Aion. The soundtrack in this show was good. Some of the music is quite enjoyable and some of the other music is not really needed, but in anime shows they put in music to fit the situation the best, so it's nothing to get all angry about. So overall, this show is a pretty good one. Watch it if you can.

  • Fantasy with a slight touch of sci-fi--you can't beat it! It's got something for everyone. Let the appeal rain from the skies.

    I downloaded this series a while back and just got around to watching it this summer. I had absolutely no idea what to expect from the series; I'd heard nothing about it and had only read the brief summary on the download site. While the beginning was rather slow and a bit confusing, it quickly picked up and allowed the viewer to become mixed up in the web of connections and heartache present in the series.

    The motivations inset in the characters were the strongest a human being (or demon) can ever know. This strong ethos allowed a connection and evoked the desired response to the closing scenes of the final episode. The way the ending song, "Sayonara Solitia," was cut to fade out the end was brilliant. A perfect 10/10 for this series.
  • This is one of the first anime's that I watched and it is still great.

    The show is set in the USA just after world war 1, when more and more incidents of demonic and occult activity start to occur. Enter the Magdalene Order a group of exorcist of combat this threat using any means available. In the case of Rosette Christopher that means enlisting the help of her close friend Chrono a very powerful demon with a very dark past.

    The characters in the show are excellent as is the acting by the cast. The plotline is also very original with some fabulour stories throughout the whole series. The animation still looks good and the soundtrack is a personal favourite of mine.

    All in all this is a great show.
  • So, there's a bunch of devil worshippers wrecking havoc on society and there's a group of Christians (or Christian sect) sending in exorcists to deal with those naughty little devil worshippers.

    The only reason this thing got a three is because the animation is beautiful... EXQUISITE to say the least.

    But the story itself is both dull and full of questions I could really care less to answer. It doesn't leave much to the imagination outside of what could possibly become of a Christian befriending a demonic devil like creature who was said to have destroyed a lot in the past.

    Yeah, so the devil won in the end... I still felt like I was being preached to the whole time I watched it which I don't really appreciate -- probably because I'm an Atheist -- but I really don't get some things because while they showed their escapades, there were certain parts of the story they never touched on at all after a simple mention.

    It gets pretty dull and by the end, I was disappointed to say the least...

    - Tinker
  • A devil, Chrno, is partnered with a "exorcist nun" named Rosette Christopher, in order to hunt other demons and located her missing brother. Pretty good but slightly disappointed in the end.

    In some ways I'm conflicted about 'Chrno Crusade.' I really like the ideas that are brought up in a lot of the episodes and the overarching storyline is interesting. It concerns an alternate "post-World War I" world involving demons are among us but I was a little disappointed with the resolution at the end.

    There was a lot of build up for things but in the end, I didn't quite think that the way things turned out was worth all of the effort. This could be because (1) I kinda got lost in some of the details or (2) I missed something about the story and was just expecting something else. Either way, it doesn't stop the story from being uninteresting I think I just wanted a little more in the end. Also, there are really touching moments in the episodes; the ending alone is very heart-felt.

    It's definitely worth a watch if you have the time, and hopefully someone will be able to tell me that the resolution actually works better than I think it did.
  • Bad start, somewhat good ending

    The start:
    Well, it was ok, but it didnt went far than that, yet it develops what seems is going to be a good story.

    The develop:
    Well, it was lame, most of the episodes feel like they are fillers, but have a little of the main story, it could have been shorter and better.

    The ending:
    It finally takes shape, but somewhat lame, all the bad guys, when they die, is it all in just a second, with not so much emotion, frustrating the excitement when you see that a good battle scene is about to start, and then you dont even notice it was over before you could yell or something. The ending itself was very dramatic but kinda confusing.

    Not really, there so much good anime out there, just if you really want something different, with nuns, demons and guns in it and some music that is kinda weird when it isnt of suspence or semi-action... and yeah, the drama (which isnt good until the end) is obove the action, there you might have an enjoyable anime... (I think it would have been better with less chapters).
  • Chrono Crusade, known as Chrno Crusade in Japan, Singapore, Germany, France and Australia, is an eight volume manga series authored by the Japanese mangaka Daisuke Moriyama.

    Chrono Crusade is set in the height of the Roaring Twenties, where jazz is king, bootleg liquor flows freely, and the mob rules the streets. It is a time of prosperity, luxury and decadence, and the division between rich and poor grows even wider in the wake of the First World War... but it is at such times of great change and upheaval that the dark things that lurk below the world of man can come to the surface. In the world of Chrono Crusade, a fictional organization known as the Order of Magdalene (or more specifically, the characters of Sister Rosette Christopher and her soul-bound demon partner, Chrono) exists to fight the demonic threats that appear with increasing regularity across America. Both Rosette and Chrono are revealed during the course of the story to be driven by a shadowy past, centered around a search for Rosette's lost brother, Joshua. Joshua is shown to have been taken from her by the sinner, Aion, a devil who shares a dark and bloody history with Chrono, and seeks nothing less than to overthrow Heaven and Earth. The anime follows the manga through the first half, but it diverges halfway through, creating different courses of events and endings. The characterization of some the characters, including Rosette and Aion, and their roles in the story were changed in the adaptation of the manga. Much of the story is driven by the individual pasts of the main characters and the complex relationships between them.
  • it was ok

    the anime was ok not one of my favorite. but i will watch again. there was romance in all. to me there was not really a story line . i view it a 5.3 for is for the love between chron and rosanna . that all. i did not know the time line is person past or future. i new rosanna die what happen to chron did he die to there special connection. or just sleeping. and i donot know by they are showing the episodes again on showtime beyond, if they what to show repeat show 1 and put a new anime on .
  • halleluja

    hi i just want to watch chrono crusade so i dont really know what im writing or who im writing for so i just want to see the movie or the last episode . i like when chrono says he he he when he is talking to rosette. this is soon getting really anoying writing his because i just want to watch the movie so if you dont mind u would like to see it now and i dont know y i review before i have even seen the movie. so lets get sett and watch the movie now please.
  • The last episode!

    It was so sad, I mean, the saddest episode in anime that I've ever seen! It made me cry a lot. I didn't understand how you can have an anime that is based mostly around comedy turn into such a depressing show. After I watched the last episode it took me a day to understand the whole thing. On Rosette's gravestone it says-

    Rosette Christopher 1912 -- 1928
    "A devoted believer who dashed through the brilliant light of life"
    "Chrno -- Dearest friend and devoted protector"

    and then it says stuff about the pop almost getting assassinated in 1984. please watch this show.
  • i love this anime.

    When i saw the last episode and even when i watch it over again i break down and start crying. i like the computer animation and how they created Chrono and even Aion. Who i hate a lot how could he have survived when the good guyes died. But i was pleased to see that for once the good guy didn't win but a bad guy. I thought the way the ending was really good and I do wish the Chrono and Rosette would have lived but i still loved this anime and it is a personal favorite of mine.
  • Nuns with guns and demon parnters a bad guy who all the girls will say is HOT (Aion) Long lost brother and life binding ties. Rosette Christopher and Chrono must try and get Rosettes little brother back from Aion a former friend of Chrono.

    I would have said bring it back but the kinda made so u cant. Anyway it is and was the best anime i have ever watched! The last episode made me cry!! I have the background music calles Chrno's sorrow and if i listen to it for just a sec. I would cry. Only 24 episodes long but is an awesome show!!! You will luv this show!!
  • This show is freakin' awesome! You HAVE to bring it back!

    Chrono Crusade is without a doubt one of the GREATEST shows I have ever seen! Of course my favorite character is Chrono. He's funny sometimes and is really cool and he's also cool when he goes in his Demon Form. I like Rossette too...Even though she can be VERY stupid sometimes. I have seen the first four episodes too. Rossette really is stupid in those episodes. But she is still my second favorite character. I don't really knows what happeneds after that so I need to get the other episodes on DVD. I hope they can get Rossette's brother Joshua back to normal and stop Aion. And by the way The Main Theme and the Ending Theme RULE!!!!!!!!!
  • It was good the voices were good all of them, after a time i got used to Rosette's voice. I loved Chrno.

    Chrno Crusade was a good story, but it was a little sad. Rosette Christopher was a normal girl, but her brother wasn't. He had powers, he could heal everyone, but him. He was sick. Rosette always took care of him, that was before they meet a demon named Chrno. They meet chrno, a devil. After they meet him Aion came gave Chrno's old Horns to Joshua, Rosette's little brother. That was when Aion took him and Rosette made a contact with her devil friend Chrno, they spent four long years looking for him. They joined the Magdalene order, but the more Rosette let Chrno use his power the more her life was drained, then after finding out that she was Mary Magdalene, the Apostlo of Justice Aion took her and Chrno got her back, they spent what little she had left of her life with him. Then when she died he died. The powerful Devil who killed Thousands of his kind. All for a dream.
  • Truly a Great Anime.

    Chrono Crusade is based of a manga, which I highly recommend everyone reads, because it's even better than the anime. The Anime follows Chrono a demon and Rosette a nun around on their journy trying to find Rosette's brother Joshua. The adventure take them to new characters, like Azmaria, and Satella. The final six episodes are truly some of the best anime you'll ever see. The pure emotion put into the last six episodes was amazing, and the final episode was just so sad to watch. If anyone like's a show about many things including religon, love and friendship this is for you, but let me warn you don't expect a happy ending, but then ending still won't let you down either.
  • I loved it. It was simply amazing. The whole idea of it was just great! I wish there were more. Just a little more.

    Not really a nun...But she does look like one. She makes a contract with a devil without his horns and without his horns everytime he gets hurt, he can't just woosh!!! Heal himself or something like that. So anyway, they make a contract. Everytime Chrono changes into his "other" form he takes away a little bit of her life. So she only has a few years to live. Now they are going everywhere killing demons and whatnot. They really have a BIG bound and I like that. Rosette.....All you could really say about her is a nun with a few guns I guess. And Chrono, Devil.....but an angel. Why not. Still luffs this anime with ALL me heart!!!!
  • simply wonderful!!!!

    o man what can i say....i fell in love with this anime the fist time i read it, and then when i accually watched the show....i can't find the words that describe how great it was.

    the show is about a exercist nun that is trying to find her brother. she made a deal with an demon without horns, chrono. whenever he uses his powers it takes years off the life of person the they made the contact with, which so happens to be the exercist nun rosette.

    this show is wonderful and original and i totally recomend you see it or read it.
  • A devil is partnered with a "exorcist nun" in order to hunt other demons and located her missing brother.

    In some ways I'm conflicted about Chrno Crusade. I really like the ideas that are brought up in most of the episodes and the over-arcing storyline is interesting concerning an alternate post world war ii(?) involving demons among us but I was a little disappointed with the resolution at the end. There was a lot of build up for things but in the end, I didn't quite think that the way things turned out was worth all of the effort. This could be because (1) I kinda got lost in some of the details or (2) I missed something about the story and was just expecting something else. Either way, it doesn't stop the story from being uninteresting I think I just wanted a little more in the end. Also, there are really touching moments in the episodes; the ending alone is very heart-felt. It's definitely worth a watch if you have the time, and hopefully someone will be able to tell me that the resolution actually works better than I think it did.
  • Simply amazing, enough said

    I didn't hear about this anime until recently, but after I did and watched it I was amazed. The story takes place during the Roaring Twenties, where devils run rampant due to the amount of sin. The Magdalene Order, which monitors devil activity, releases a young exorcist called Rosette Christopher, along with her soulbound devil assistant Chrono, to investigate, and they uncover a massive plot to redefine the universe as they know it. The voice acting is great, and animation pure. The plot only gets better as the story prgresses, and the ending will leave you with a heavy heart after the emotional finale. Definitely recommended to all anime lovers.
  • Awesome

    What can I say about Chrono Crusade that die hard fans of this original and action packed anime series don't already know? Chrono Crusade is a brilliant mixture of action, comedy and drama that is told in a simple yet innovative story. Every episode keeps you on the edge of your seat and makes you come back for more, without disappointment. I highly recommend this series to any anime fan and fans of the show should also check out the sound tracks.
  • I cried after watching the last episode.

    Chrono crusade is a great anime. I knew that Rosszte and chrono was going to die and I\'m glad (and sad) that they died so peacefully. I hated how Steallla died and she was one of my favorite charater. Overall This show should hurry up and be on tv because this is a great Anime.
  • One of the coolest Anime's I have ever seen. The characters are great and so is the storyline.

    Well what can I say.. The show is an all-round success. The charaters are very inventive, they all have their own big part to play in the series which is excellent. It is one of my top Anime's ever and I can't imagine anymone remaking the show as good as it is. The violence is brutal enough to make an impact on the viewers, but not too violent to prevent them from watching. I feel that it should be for mature viewers, maybe teens from the age of 15 onwards, but imagine thats the classification for it anyway. Rosette is a true heroine and battles hard with the forces of evil to win.
  • so awesome............

    Chrono Crusade is one of the best anime ever!! I saw the first episode and I was hooked! though I don't think alot of the stuff that they do would be appropiate for it's time (ex. the part in the casino where she was begging chrono for "one more coin") it's flawless and perfect I love the manga too.
  • A age caught in the battle of Heaven and Hell

    The anime teaches a great deal if you pay close attention to it and it has all the themes of a great story, action, romance, comedy, adventure, and others as well, the characters are great and they compliment each other to, I recommend this anime to anyone who likes anime and who likes adventure
  • Chrno Crusade is a fantastic anime. It has action, romance, devils, great characters, and a very interesting storyline.

    I love Chrno Crusade. I've only been watching the anime for a couple of days, but somehow or another I've managed to watch the entire series. did that happen. Oh, probably because it's absolutely fabulous! Sister Rosette Christopher is one of the best anime characters that I've ever seen. She's hot-headed, she's great with a gun, she's loves to eat, but more than that she's a great person. Chrno is a great character as well. He's loyal, caring, loving, and so kind. How could anyone hate him? Sure, he's a devil but he's a cute devil. Then there's the adorable Azmaria. This girl is the cutest thing to hit the screen. She reminds me a lot of Tohru Honda of Fruits Basket. She thinks more about other than herself. She's wonderful. All the other characters range from fantastic to fantastically evil. Either way, this anime is wonderful. I'd recommend it to anyone and everyone. And the soundtrack to this series is pretty awesome as well.
  • A dark but fun show with great animation! It's epic, but has a good amount of comedy to balance.

    When i first saw Chrono Crusade, I was blown away by the beautiful animation and great story line. It's a really creative show, with fun and many times dark topics. Although Rosette's voice is annoying at first, it really fits with her character. I absolutely loved the scene in the in the first episode with the devil in the red room. Beautifully created!
  • A good place to start...

    Personally, it took me a lot of courage to start collecting animé. In England, all animé DVD's are imports leading to prices of around £20 for as little as three episodes in some cases. I had only seen 'Akira' (excellent) and 'Cowboy Bebop: The Movie' (dissapointing) before finding myself in Virgin Megastore with £20 burning a hole in my pocket. Without any knowledge of the show, I grabbed vol.1 of 'Chrono Crusade' because the case looked kinda cool and rushed home to watch. I viewed the first episode (The weakest of the whole series in my opinion)and though 'Oh god, what have I done?!' Thankfully, I persevered and by the end of the 4 episode volume, I was hooked. The story was begining to unfold properly and I knew I was in for the long hall.
    Vol.2 arrived at my door (courtesy of about 2 weeks later than expected. Instead of watching them all at once (like most people I know would) I took my time, realizing that half the fun of watching a series over a film, was trying to guess the next twist or story fragment that would be revealed. Adding to this was the constant improvement of the episodes and the welcome fact that the atrocius 'Elder' character is missing (he alone prevents the show from being a 9 or higher) and I did NOT have a party planned for his return in volume 3. At the time of writing, Vol.4 is not out for another 4 months in the UK so await it with bated breath.
    I would say that even though I have started collecting more series now (Hellsing, Last Exile and more) CC remains the standard to me. It seems that Gonzo Studios, producers of the show, have a repuation for making programs full of flashy effects and stark visuals but which are thin on the 'story' element. I tip my hat to them though for 'Chrono Crusade', an engrossing storyline and very likeable characters and cast make this show a worthy addition, or easy place to begin, in any animé collection.

    Pip (18)