Chrome Shelled Regios - Season 1

Animax Entertainment (ended 2009)


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Episode Guide

  • The Stirring Cities
    Episode 24
    When the Fallen One possesses Savalis, Layfon might not have the power to survive. Everything he holds dear is on the line - and the fate of Zuellni is in his hands.
  • The City that is to be Born
    Having Kidnapped Nina, Severis tortures her until the Haikizoku possesses him instead. Severis then uses this new found power to attack Layfon. Meanwhile, Gorneo, Shante and Leerin race to deliver Layfon's new Psyharden katana before it is too late. However, Layfon also receives his former Heavens Blade from an unexpected source and the two weapons together prove more than powerful enough to protect Zuellni from the Pollutant Beasts. But is that really the end or only the beginning?moreless
  • 2/8/11
    As Layfon and the others search desperately for the missing Nina, the 17th Platoon is caught in an ambush perpetrated by a villain who has been lurking very nearby.
  • Pieces of Ignasis
    Pieces of Ignasis
    Episode 23
    The 17th Platoon are given just two hours to return the possessed Nina to Zuellni before a full scale assault against the Pollutant Beasts begins. Once Nina is located Layfon sets off to delay the Pollutant Beasts and protect Zuellni. Meanwhile, in Grendan Dixerio once again appears and soon encounters the Masked Wolf Gang and some of the wielders of the Heaven's Blades.moreless
  • With Grendan heading towards Zuellni the Military Artists once again prepare for battle. Meanwhile, Layfon is still in hospital recovering for his wounds and he learns about Nina's time in Myath from Leerin. As such Layfon realises that the Haikizoku has possessed Nina, and the President feels that the only chance of saving the city is to remove it immediately. Things get even more complicated when a Pollutant Beast appears out of nowhere.moreless
  • Felli, Kidnapped
    Episode 21
    Felli's safety is on the line as Layfon and Haia clash. Later, the battle between Zuellni and Myath looks like it might be postponed when an ominous presence appears in the distance.
  • Kidnapped Felli
    Kidnapped Felli
    Episode 21
    On the day of the Inter-City match Layfon leaves to fight Haia and rescue Felli, as the rest of the Military Artist's prepare for battle. However, at the last possible moment Myath changes direction and moves away. As such the 17th Platoon are redeployed to assist Layfon, but by the time they arrive the battle is already over. Afterwards Leerin finally catches up to Layfon.moreless
  • 5/24/09
    Nina has returned to Zuellni and the City seems to have returned to normal, but with an inter-city match looming there is no time for a celebration as everyone is involved in serious training. Meanwhile, Haia and his team are told that their mission is over and ordered to return to Grendan. However, he decides to challenge Layfon before he leaves. As such he kidnaps Felli in order to lure Layfon out.moreless
  • Guided Encounter
    Episode 19
    Leerin is put in danger when she tries to protect Myath's Electronic Fairy but luckily Nina arrives in time to save her. However, when the stress of living with the Haikizoku causes Nina to collapse it is up to Leerin to help her. Meanwhile, the Military Artists of Zuellni try to defend the City from Pollutant Beasts without the aid of Layfon.moreless
  • 2/8/11
    After her encounter with the Fallen One, Nina is somehow transported to Myath. Meanwhile, Kalian confronts Layfon, ordering him to rest for the impending battle against the Contaminoids.
  • Nina Disappears! Zuellni In A State of Emergency
    Following her encounter with the Haikizoku Nina has disappeared along with Zuellni. Layfon blames himself for this and spends all of his time fighting off Pollutant Beast attacks or searching for Nina. However, this takes its toll on both the still injured Layfon and also on Felli. Meanwhile, Nina finds herself in the city of Myath where she meets Leerin for the first time. Soon the pair are caught up in strange events when Myath's Electronic Fairy goes missing and Nina is attacked by the Masked Wolf Gang.moreless
  • Layfon engages the Contaminoids alongside Haia's group, and as the battle rages, the rest of the 17th Platoon watches and learns. Unfortunately, Nina is nowhere to be found after her visit to see Zuellni.
  • Sarinban Instructing Mercenary Team, Deploy!
    The 17th Platoon heads to help Layfon defeat the Pollutant Beast while Nina tries to calm down Zuellni and stop her rampage. However, when Nina arrives she finds that the Haikizoku has taken control of the city and soon it appears to take control of Nina as well. Meanwhile, at the battle with the Pollutant Beasts Layfons injury is still not fully healed and is affecting his performance. Finally, Leerin and Savaris leave Grendan to search for Layfon.moreless
  • Layfon is still recuperating in hospital after he was seriously injured saving Mei-Shen but Nina refuses to forfeit the upcoming inter-platoon match against Vance's 1st Platoon. As such Sharnid asks Siena to fill in for him at the match. However, the new 17th Platoon is no match for Vance and his men resulting in a humiliating loss. At the same time Layfon is given yet another secret mission by the President. This time he must join forces with Haia and his team in order to save the city from a group of pollutant beasts. Meanwhile, Leerin is contemplating leaving Grendan to find Layfon and deliver a very special ditte from her father.moreless
  • 4/19/09
    With an inter-platoon match against the 1st Platoon coming up Nina arranges for the members of the 17th Platoon to go on a training camp sponsored by Weekly Look'On. However, problems arise when Nina, Felli and Mei-Shen all try to get closer to Layfon. Later he is seriously injured as he tries to save Mei-Shen from a collapsing bridge. Meanwhile, it is revealed that it was the Electronic Fairy Grendan that saved Leerin and her father.moreless
  • A Ruined Aristocrat`s Reality
    On the day of the inter-platoon match against the 10th platoon Sharnid faces off against Sienna so that he can lay some of his old demons to rest. Meanwhile, Layfon fights against Din but the appearance of the Haikizoku complicates the match. When it possesses Din, Haia tries to capture him but Layfon refuses to let that happen and challenges him to a duel. It is then up to Sharnid and Siena to free Din.moreless
  • 4/11/09
    During a competition, the Fallen One inside Dinn is captured by Haia, forcing Layfon to take action. It will be up to Dalsiena to find a way to separate Dinn from the spirit possessing him.
  • Haia and Myunfa meet with Savaris and discuss the Haikizoku (an Electronic Fairy that remains even after its city is destroyed). This leads to a meeting with Felli and her brother about the events that took place in the abandoned city. Meanwhile, Layfon is recruited by Naruki to investigate the 10th Platoon who may be involved in the overload smuggling ring. When Nina finds out she confronts Din and learns the truth but in order to save face they ask for Karyan's help in dealing with the matter quietly. In order to do that Layfon must once again wield a katana and use his Psyharden training.moreless
  • White Lie
    Episode 12
    Layfon is asked to help the City Police to apprehend a drug smuggling ring hiding in the city. However, when he arrives the group attempt to escape and Layfon must face off against Haia Salinvan Saiha from the famous Salinvan Mercenary Group in Grendan. He tells Layfon that he is not here for drugs but to find a mysterious object but before Layfon can arrest him he is saved by a mysterious woman with a bow and arrow who also attacked Nina. Meanwhile, Sharnid encounters a former teammate near the scene of the crime and in Grendan Leena meets with the Queen in the aftermath of the attack on her father.moreless
  • Spa Resort Karian
    Episode 11
    The 17th platoon are given some time off and decide to spend it socialising at the local spa resort, where Nina tries to teach Felli to swim. However, she is reluctant to try until she sees Layfon spending time with Mei-Shen. When she does manage to spend time with Layfon, the President's jealousy causes problems. To make matters even worse a hostage situation breaks out.moreless
  • Lukkun`s Revenge
    Episode 10
    The 17th and 5th Platoons investigate possible signs of life in the deserted city but what they find is a giant graveyard. Layfon is also confronted by a strange apparition after which he is attacked by Shante. However, when the fight damages a sellerium container he must act quickly to save Shante, Gorneo and himself. Meanwhile, Leerin is still confused about the attack on her and her father.moreless
  • When Lukkun tells Nina about Layfon's past as a Heavens Blade Wielder, we learn about his past and the circumstances surrounding his exile from Grendan. This leads to Nina contemplating removing him from the platoon. Meanwhile, in Grendan, Leerin's father is attacked by the mutated remnants of a man that Layfon once defeated. The creature is ultimately defeated by Savaris.moreless
  • 3/1/09
    During an inter-platoon Match Layfon faces of against the younger brother, of a Heavens Blade wielder, forcing him to confront some of his past. After the match they are forced together when the 17th and 5th platoons are sent to investigate a city that has been ravaged by Pollutant Beasts. Meanwhile, Leerin meets with Savaris Luckens and Lintence, two of the Heavens Blade wielders, and learns that she may be in danger because of Layfon.moreless
  • 2/22/09
    Layfon, Naruki, Mei-Shen and Mifi decide to follow Nina after they notice that she is acting strangely. They discover that she has been undergoing secret training in order to become stronger and fight alongside Layton. However, the extra work load takes its toll and she ends up hospitalised. Meanwhile, Layfon is dispatched by the President to deal with a semi-mature pollutant beast that threatens the city. When the rest of the 17th platoon find out about this they rush to assist him and together manage to defeat the beast.moreless
  • 2/15/09
    Layfon receives a letter from a girl named Leerin, but it is accidentally delivered to Mei-Shen by mistake. When she goes to return it to him she is interrupted by Felli, who then takes the letter and keeps it hidden from Layfon. Meanwhile, Nina cancels training without explanation so Felli invites Layfon over for dinner with her and her brother. On the way home he meets Naruki who asks him not only about the letter but also whether he would consider becoming a temporary dispatch officer in the City Police. As such he must apprehend a group of spies who are attempting to escape from the city.moreless
  • The members of 17th platoon are given the day off from training to attend a practice match between the 3rd and 11th platoons but Layfon cannot attend as he has plans with Mei. However, durring their 'date' the city comes under attack from pollutant beasts and the Military Art's Department is called on to protect the citizens for the first time. Layfon expresses his concerns that the students have little hope of winning and that they should evacuate but Nina and the others head into battle regardless. Meanwhile, Layfon doe some soul searching and finds a reason to fight for the first time in a long while. As such Layfon arrives just in time to save Nina with his newly modified 'ditte'. He then recruits Felli's help to find and kill the creatures's mother thus stopping the attack and saving the city.moreless
  • 2/1/09
    Sharnid takes Layfon to one of his favourite restaurants. However, this is a cosplay café where all of the waitresses wear maid's outfits and what's more Felli works there. It turns out that the real reason for Sharnid's visit is so that he can get a photo of Felli's rare smile and sell it to her admirers. Later Felli meets up with Mei-Shen, Naruki and Mifi and agrees to accompany them to a supposedly deserted building for one of Mifi's stories. Once they arrive the group is quickly attacked by a strange monster. Although Felli calls for help from Nina and Layfon she and Vance are able to defeat the creature before they arrive.moreless
  • 1/25/09
    In the wake of the capture the flag contest Nina is still furious that Layfon held back in particular durring their practice duel. Later that day at their part-time job Layfon explains to Nina how he was forced into Military Art's at a young age because it was the only option he had and that he came to hate it. Nina begins to realise that Layfon no longer wants to fight for any reason and that is why he has been holding back. Durring their conversation a siren sounds and a group of mysterious men appear and try to kidnap Zenri the electronic fairy that runs the city. Nina rushes to engage the group but a mysterious man arrives and defeats them first. By the time Layfon arrives Nina is alone and unconscious on the floor.moreless
  • Capture the Flag!
    Episode 2
    Layfon meets the other members of the 17th platoon, and is forced by Nina to fight in a practice duel. Layfon is quickly defeated by Nina but Felli thinks that he let Nina win and is upset by this. Outside of school Layfon starts his part-time job and is shocked to see that Nina also works there. The next day Layfon takes part in his first activity with 17th platoon, a capture the flag contest. At first 17th platoon do badly but when Nina is put in danger Layfon reveals some of his true power and easily defeats several members of the opposing team and captures the flag single handed. However, both Nina and Felli are furious that Layfon has been holding back all this time.moreless
  • 1/11/09
    Layfon Alseif arrives in the Academy City of Zerni to enroll as a normal student. Meanwhile, Nina Antalk of the Military Art's department loses one of her platoon. When Layfon is forced to intervene in a fight between two Military Art's students to save a gril named Mei-Shen he is spotted by Nina. As such he is forced by both Nina and the Student Council President to transfer to the Military Art's department and join the 17th platoon.moreless