Chrome Shelled Regios

Season 1 Episode 2

Capture the Flag!


Full Episode: Capture the Flag! (25:44)

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Layfon meets the other members of the 17th platoon, and is forced by Nina to fight in a practice duel. Layfon is quickly defeated by Nina but Felli thinks that he let Nina win and is upset by this. Outside of school Layfon starts his part-time job and is shocked to see that Nina also works there. The next day Layfon takes part in his first activity with 17th platoon, a capture the flag contest. At first 17th platoon do badly but when Nina is put in danger Layfon reveals some of his true power and easily defeats several members of the opposing team and captures the flag single handed. However, both Nina and Felli are furious that Layfon has been holding back all this time.moreless
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