Chrome Shelled Regios

Season 1 Episode 4

Disarmament! Put on maid clothing!

Full Episode: Disarmament! Put on maid clothing!


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Sharnid takes Layfon to one of his favourite restaurants. However, this is a cosplay café where all of the waitresses wear maid's outfits and what's more Felli works there. It turns out that the real reason for Sharnid's visit is so that he can get a photo of Felli's rare smile and sell it to her admirers. Later Felli meets up with Mei-Shen, Naruki and Mifi and agrees to accompany them to a supposedly deserted building for one of Mifi's stories. Once they arrive the group is quickly attacked by a strange monster. Although Felli calls for help from Nina and Layfon she and Vance are able to defeat the creature before they arrive.moreless
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