Chrome Shelled Regios

Season 1 Episode 5

The Enemy that Hides in the Land of Death


Full Episode: The Enemy that Hides in the Land of Death


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The members of 17th platoon are given the day off from training to attend a practice match between the 3rd and 11th platoons but Layfon cannot attend as he has plans with Mei. However, durring their 'date' the city comes under attack from pollutant beasts and the Military Art's Department is called on to protect the citizens for the first time. Layfon expresses his concerns that the students have little hope of winning and that they should evacuate but Nina and the others head into battle regardless. Meanwhile, Layfon doe some soul searching and finds a reason to fight for the first time in a long while. As such Layfon arrives just in time to save Nina with his newly modified 'ditte'. He then recruits Felli's help to find and kill the creatures's mother thus stopping the attack and saving the city.moreless
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