Chrome Shelled Regios

Season 1 Episode 16

Zuellni Rampage, Polluted Beast Attack!


Full Episode: Zuellni Rampage, Polluted Beast Attack!


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Layfon is still recuperating in hospital after he was seriously injured saving Mei-Shen but Nina refuses to forfeit the upcoming inter-platoon match against Vance's 1st Platoon. As such Sharnid asks Siena to fill in for him at the match. However, the new 17th Platoon is no match for Vance and his men resulting in a humiliating loss. At the same time Layfon is given yet another secret mission by the President. This time he must join forces with Haia and his team in order to save the city from a group of pollutant beasts. Meanwhile, Leerin is contemplating leaving Grendan to find Layfon and deliver a very special ditte from her father.moreless
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