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  • Season 1
    • Until I Met You
    • My Afternoon with Her
    • Episode 10
      Episode 10
      Episode 10
    • Episode 9
    • Episode 8
    • Wavering Man's Heart
      Komachi-kun feels out of place looking at women's underwear in the Underwear Society and gets fed up with his classmate's mockery of the "Bra-Panties Club." Even though she does not understand the male mind, Nayu tries to think of ways to make Komachi more comfortable participating in the Underwear Society. Out of the blue, Nayu finds a love letter in her shoe box. Upon hearing the news from Kiyono, Komachi begins to think of Nayu not as a rival, but as a girl. However, irritated by her shameless attitude towards underwear, Komachi storms out of the Underwear Society.moreless
    • Wild Adolescence
      Wild Adolescence
      Episode 6
      Nayu cannot hide her distress with Kiyono Amahara as a member of the Underwear Society. Kiyono is a troublemaker who drives off Komachi by lifting her skirt and throws out her underwear when Yako calls it plain. In an attempt to preserve the light atmosphere of the Underwear Society, Nayu suggests they assemble a bra from scratch, knowing even Komachi can participate comfortably. The other girls learn more about Kiyono when she begins discussing underwear design and makeup.moreless
    • Between Adults and Children
      Her Underwear Club ruined by the peeping tom incident, Nayu feels depressed. She turns to Keigo Hayama, the step-brother she has been living with since her parents passed away, for support. Feeling responsible for the incident, Komachi turns up on Nayu's doorstep to encourage her to form an appreciation society instead of a club. With the decision to form an Underwear Society made, Nayu invites Yako, Haruka, and their advisor Tamaki to an overnight meeting. However, Nayu cannot get Kiyono Amahara's words off her mind.moreless
    • Our Respective Forms
      Inspired by Komachi's words, Nayu asks Yako and Haruka to be her underwear models at a meeting to explain how to choose proper underwear. Yako eagerly agrees to help Nayu, but Haruka, feeling insecure about her breasts, in unsure about being seen in her underwear. However, Nayu's cheerful attitude in the face of her terrible loss gives Haruka the courage to give modeling a try. The meeting is met with great enthusiasm, but when Tamaki Mizuno-sensei discovers Komachi fighting with some peeping toms, the situation gets out of hand.moreless
    • This Swelling Chest/A Windy Day
      Having resolved their misunderstanding, Yako and Haruka become friends with Nayu. However, the two are still uncertain about their underwear conscious friend. When Nayu points out Yako's cup bra doesn't fit her body type, Yako takes it personally. Yako puts herself in an embarrassing situation when the bra she secretly wore slips while vaulting in PE class. After hearing Yako swear off bras forever, Nayu tries to find something to help her. Having healed Yako's stubborn heart with a hand-made bra, Nayu decides to join the Crafts Club to make more creations. However, the Crafts Club refuses to put underwear on display at the Culture Festival and turns her down. Yako encourages the dejected Nayu to form an Underwear Club. Nayu immediately sets out to form the club, but the teachers' reactions are less than favorable. Hiroki Komachi from Class E decides to help Nayu despite his bitter past.moreless
    • Episode 2
    • The Girl with Adult Panties
      Nayu Hayama is a twelve year old girl entering Ounan Middle School, a private school for girls, at the top of her class. However, she trips on her way to give a speech at the entrance ceremony, exposing her lace adult panties. Nayu's classmate Yako Jinguji witnesses the event and suspects her of paid dating, prompting Yako and her friend Haruka Shiraishi to go in search of the truth. Nayu gropes Haruka's large breasts when the three meet in the hallway. With growing suspicions, Yako decides to get some photographic evidence.moreless
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