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Submission Guidelines & Forum Rules - Read first!!

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    Hi everyone

    I'm the editor for this show and I'd like to invite you all to contribute to this guide to make it one of the best on this site.
    But please, obtain the rules!
    You'll find them here.
    If you got any question, please send me a PM before you submit anything that I might have to reject.

    Important information:

    • When you submit something like a production code, please include a source so I can verify the information.

    • Make sure you submit to the correct section, especially when you submit Trivia, Allusions and Notes.

    • When you want to write a recap, please write me first, so I don't start with one as well

    So have fun. I'm looking forward to work with you.


    Since I'm responsible for this forum too, I will watch it. Please read the rules first before posting anything here.
    You can find the rules here: Link

    Again I wouldn't like to play sheriff or bad guy, but when you break the rules, I will take actions against you!

    So have fun on this guide and this forum.

    The editor for Chuck Finn
    Edited on 06/14/2008 2:59pm
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