Chuck Norris: Karate Kommandos

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Chuck Norris: Karate Kommandos

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Chuck Norris: Karate Kommandos follows the story of Chuck Norris as he battles the forces of evil, which are headed by the notorious villain simply known as The Claw. However, The Claw is not alone as he is joined by The Super Ninja, a mysterious individual whose talent is only exceeded by his own hatred of Chuck Norris. While Chuck Norris’ extensive training has permitted him to excel in his position as an operative of the United Stated government, he has several allies who assist him in his quests to save the world. Chuck Norris is joined by a spunky albeit talented technological genius named Pepper, a samurai warrior named Kimo, an apprentice fighter named Reed, a sumo wrestler named Tabe and a young ward who goes by the name of Too Much. Together, Chuck Norris and his allies pledge to serve the United States in its quest to defeat the likes of evil everywhere, though each episode of the series always begins and ends with the real-life Chuck Norris offering moral advice and providing insight as to what good decisions really are. The series first aired in syndication in 1986, though [Adult Swim] has recently received the rights to air the series and it will be airing at their 5:30 AM timeslot towards the end of March 2006.moreless
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  • This is the perfect show if you want to watch something absurd.

    Remember all those really bad cartoons that were basically out there just to sell you stuff? Remember all those laughable moments of just ridiculous villains and really bad animation? Ever want to watch a show just for moments like that but find going through old shows like GI Joe hard to do just to get a few samples? This is the show for you. At 5 episodes long, Chuck Norris Karate Kommandos is full of so many weird moments that perfectly highlight the phrase "so bad it's good", that anyone looking for that should be able to get a good kick outta every episode.moreless
  • Its bad, its really bad. It is the worst thing sense the flock of seagulls hair cut craze.

    The one word that come so mind to mind when thinking about this series is Inexcusable.

    Some would say that the American language is extremely redundant, but I say there arent

    enough words of negative contention to describe this show. This is the show is the wrongest

    thing sense Mr. Wrong came to wrong town and order a helping of thats not right.

    This show seems to be a cross between G.I. Joe and an after school spacial, but only at

    first glance. This particular 80s cartoon is extremely offensive in three major areas.

    Its raciest and sexist, the characters are so stereotyped that my jaw nearly hit the floor

    during the opening character intro montage. Its unoriginal, the shows only redeemable

    aspects seem to be ripped off from other hokey cartoons, making it unimaginative and poorly

    written. Its mentally foul, the plot and scripting is so stupid that it is actually makes

    one feel physical sick to watch it.

    Those reasons would be enough to say this show is... well, not good, if only that was all,

    but there is something intangibly tainted about this show and it makes my skin crawl and I

    dont think I was the only one who felt it. I have little doubt that this show, will one day

    go down in history as one of Man kinds most Hannis crimes.

    Edit: Since I first posted this Ive been curious, so I did a little (ok allot) of research on the man and I like to say I have a whole new appreciation and respect for him (shut up, Im not being sarcastic). How ever, every thing I wrote about the show remains valid.

    Side Note: No he didn't threaten me (Even though I'm a 23 year old male, who has been studding the Marshal arts since was 7, I feel Farly sure the 66 year old man nearly haft my size could kick my *** into next week)moreless
  • Chuck Norris should be proud!

    This show is awesome and Chuck Norris should be proud! There are already plenty reviews for this show you know so I might as well leave sumthin different so here is just a list for you of the things that Chuck Norris karate chops in this show.

    Enemy Ninjas

    The hooded Professor of evil

    a battleship



    some guy to get his bike

    dolphins with lasers attached to their heads

    The Super Ninja

    a window

    a helicopter pilot

    a bad guy who steals another helicopter

    a bad guy driving a truck

    a bad guy operating a crane

    two big mean dogs guarding an enemy building

    These are just some of the many things that Chuck Norris karate chops in this awesome t.v. series.moreless
  • Its really a trip. Watch it sometime.

    Before We Start: I normally avoid reviewing old cartoons since they are not up to the standards of the newer cartoons. Since I have never heard of this show before, and [adult swim] aired it. I think it should have atleast one review.

    Animation & Style: Karate Kommandos stars the cult icon, Chuck Norris who plays Chuck Norris, who stars in Chuck Norris, Karate Kommandos, (I\'ll get more into that down at Sound Catergory). The style is detailed, a little bit washed out, but for the most part they have some detailed backdrops with mountains, cliffs, and cities. Aside from that, it runs into the major problem with the animation. Unfortunately the animation is oddly porportioned, creating some strange moments when Chuck kicks or jumps, he moves unrealistically close to the screen. Characters will kick and move over this strange 3d space that isn't timed right. In other moments, the animation uses the wrong positions for the characters and objects. One Particular scene he is driving a car which looks correct on the road, and in the next scene they changed the angle of the background, but the car did not change with it, so the car looked like it was driving on two wheels. The animation reminds you of wrestling, where the characters over exaggerate their movements. In action scenes you will see enemies waiting to be hit, and they seemingly stand there while someone takes their time to kick them. Also everything looks really scripted, you\'ll see no surprises and unpredictable situations. What also makes this worse, is that the characters lack so much emotion that you often feel they aren\'t in any trouble at all. 2-Much who often gets in danger is often staring blindly at his kidnapper. He\'ll show no emotion of being scared, and often looks comfortable being chained up. Norris also takes up the lead for staring blindly at any danger. So he\'ll often look bored like he has done his fighting scenes in 3000 takes.

    Plot: The plotline is summed up as Chuck Norris Vs. The Claw. The Claw surprisingly has some interesting schemes, but after a few seconds they become clichéd copycat moments. Chuck Norris fights against the Claws Henchmen, and since he lacks emotions, and the henchmen wait until they get kicked and punched, the action boils down to nothing. Missing from the scenes are citizens running away from the fear of a disaster. There seems to be no sense of urgency on the planet. Everyone seems to have magically vanished in heavily populated towns when a disaster strikes. Even cities are devoid of any human-being other than Chuck Norris and his comrades. Only when they are taking a break from all this fighting, minor characters show up.

    Characters and Voices: Here is another major fault in the show. Too much main characters are on the team who really don\'t need to be there. Reed, his apprentice, really has no point in being there, and is missing most of the time. Pepper, his scientist ally, just acts plain simple, she comes up with some cheesy one liners that doesn\'t add any depth to her character. Its also funny when Norris calls her name out with no emotion as if she were a dog. Too Much, being voiced by a respected voice actress nowadays, is extremely annoying. Not only are his lines cheesy, but his lack of emotion and feeling and his one liner \"Too MUCH!!!\" just puts him as the worst character in history. He also sports the oddest design for a child, he looks like a short old man in a white cap, who has a high squeaky voice. He really tries to help but its often confusing as to how Chuck Norris wants him to help yet doesn\'t want him to go on dangerous parts of the mission. Anyways, he ends up kidnapped in some missions, which makes you wonder why he\'s around in the first place. Tabe, (in Japanese Tabemasu means to eat) goes by his name extremely well. All he wants to do is eat. He sports a very tan skinned E-Honda look, and his voice is practically terrible. His overly stereotypical accent just places him as dumb. He\'s really easy going too, but he\'ll usually block attacks by grabbing things near him and magically they stop the deadliest of weapons.

    Explosions: New Catergory.. umm Every thing just explodes, shooting at a ship will just explode it into pieces. Helicopters, trains, boats, will just explode in a timely manner. Its really confusing at times, as these explosions are dealt with delayed responses. Similar to the fighting scenes, things just explode when everyone else is safe making it extremely unrealistic.

    Sound: By far the most funniest thing is this retro music. I have no idea why they used this but its really 80s techno, with synthadelic sounds and melodramatic tunes. Also included is the Theme Song, where the announcer just keeps saying Chuck Norris name over and over.

    Final Thoughts: I don\'t know what to say ... its just a trip.. \"WHY Walk..When you can Drive!!\"~ Peppa.. Thanks Pepper I\'ll always take your deep and kind words into heart.moreless
  • I couldn\'t believe my eyes. It\'s The Chuck Norris cartoon I watched as a kid. Thank you Cartoon Network for allowing me to relive a time of my childhood! I HAD THE ACTION FIGURES!!moreless

    I couldn\'t believe my eyes. It\'s The Chuck Norris cartoon I watched as a kid. Thank you Cartoon Network for allowing me to relive a time of my childhood! I had the action figures!! Now they need to bring back the old GI Joe series. What a line up.