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Chuck Vanderchuck

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Chuck Vanderchuck is an animated children's educational TV series from the American Public Broadcasting System that teaches music understanding to children ages six to nine. In each episode, Chuck (Voiced by Wayne Grayson) and his friend Romona (Voiced by Veronica Taylor) teach a different genre of music to their audience and ask kids watching the program to play a game at the end of the episode. Chuck explains jazz music at the beginning of the season by introducing percussion instruments and sound structure to the kids. Romona helps children understand how to write lyrics and what to listen for in a jazz song. Chuck ends the lesson with ear training and how to recognize jazz rhythms before asking kids to try to create a jazz song at home. Chuck encourages the show's participants to present to parents and teachers the song they created. As the season progresses, Chuck and Ramona introduce salsa, country, reggae and rock music styles to kids using the same teaching format found in earlier episodes.