Season 4 Episode 22

Chuck Versus Agent X

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 02, 2011 on NBC

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  • Best episode of the season thus far.

    This episode was jam-packed with everything you would expect from Chuck: action, comedy, drama and just a sliver of romance (barely any..which was OK). It even came with a few shockers at the end! This season is stewing with possibilities for the future. If all continues to progress as it is right now then season 5 could be up to par with the first three (yes, that is me admitting that this was their weakest season to date. but it was still good!).

    I truly hope that NBC doesn't cut Chuck. That would be incredibly foolish considering the amount of shows they have with dedicated viewers: next to none.

  • Gud Episode" versus Agent X"

    It was full of action, comedy, romance, but what becomes of Ellie and the downloaded Agent X file into her head while she is sleeping?
  • Los Vecas... here we come!

    Wow, great episode of Chuck! The guys at the BuyMore treat Chuck to a bachelor party in Los Vegas... ahem, Los Vecas. Absolutely hilarious when they show up at the camp and Big Mike goes berserk. Volkoff Jr. sends out her agents to nab the laptop to find Agent X - queue the run in with the bachelor party. When Chuck recovers some files from the damaged computer, he flashes at a house which takes the team to England. There Casey finds the mom he never had. Aww... (in a strange and twisted sort of way). It all leads up to a huge WOW at the end when Agent X turns out to be Alexis Volkoff - a scientist with the intersect gone wrong. The gang decide to keep it quiet...for now, lest the CIA blow their heads off. All in all this episode wrapped up nicely Chuck and Ellie's relationship, too, as he told her he was still a spy and about the intersect. No more secrets. I gotta give this episode a huge thumbs up in my book as one of the best episodes of the season. Funny, lots of action, and lots of chemistry. Keep 'em up! And hope Chuck sticks around for Season 5! (Please please please!)

  • Very good episode. Did anyone notice the target that Casey showed before going to Los Vecas. A day after Osama Bin Laden is killed, coincidence? Or just dumb Chuck Luck?

    I had not noticed anyone mention the target that Casey showed. My son had noticed the same thing when he watched the show. Does anyone think Vivian Volkoff will find out who agent X is and kill him. Will Ellie become an agent? If the show continues it seems the next step in the progression of the show.

    I knew Subway was sponsoring with the show with product placement but was unaware of Toyota sponsorship. Having a show whore itself is a little demeaning to us the viewers I hope NBC does renew this show, but bring back some charm the show had and was loved in season 1 and 2.
  • An o.k. episode ...

    I'm prepared to get my head ripped off, but I haven't been too happy with Chuck for quite some time now and this episode hasn't changed that really. There were almost no emotions (except for some nice Chuck/Ellie moments which I miss dearly) and my favourite seasons 1 and 2 pulled a lot of strength from the wonderful interactions between its characters. Instead the death toll has been rising once more (and Devon was made a laughing stock when he insisted that his duty is to save lives and not to take them) and the aggressive product placement is really starting to get on my nerves (I don't know if I'm ever going to eat a Subway sandwich or purchase a Toyota. I understand, that these are companies sponsoring the show, but too much is too much and the whole thing is most definitely lacking subtlety). Well, the only interesting thing was to find out about who Agent X is and it is nice that Ellie finally knows about Chuck's abilities (which for once -- and that was nice too -- weren't only just some fighting moves but some knowledge of a foreign language as well), but apart from that, I'm still waiting to get some of the warm feelings back I had in wonderful seasons 1 and 2 when relationships were way more important than Chuck being all superhero all of a sudden.