Season 5 Episode 10

Chuck Versus Bo

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 13, 2012 on NBC

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  • Subway

    Okay I realize Subway is sponsoring the show but the number of shamless plugs in the episode is out of hand. Something along the lines of "I got a low fat tuna". "Oh off of the Subway fit menu", really name the menu item. What's next talking about the price of the sandwich and how you get your choice of veggies?
  • Writers fail....

    i can't decide how to call this episode, niether good nor bad in the middle ground, no mans land

    jeffster wake up in a crashed car 3 times and the first two somehow always find chuck ? The on the third they give up and big mike takes them to vegas ? low point

    morgan and bo derek hooked up due to intersect and alcohol then she turns out to be a spy working for the big bad nicholas quin ? neutral

    alex rebound guy ?! wow that was just awfull .. low point

    chuck and gang going to another buy more in vail (obviously the same set with a few extra's) seeing the fat curly hair guy with bad skin in a terrible wig, was average. only the old 'jeff and young female lester type kinda lifted it...barely...

    the shoot out was good if a bit anti climactic, improvement...

    but the end scene with chuck being grabbed elliminated him using the glasses, which then made the painfully obvious sarah uses bad choice writers really bad....

    casey would of been better to use them, cos now if this intersect is the same as the one morgan used or worse.. she'll fall ill go off the deep end and forget stuff about her and chuck or make her go back to her lone wolf deal......I hope this doesn't happen and she gets the intersect wiped asap....

    I'm thinking decker must of sold them to nicholas, and probably put in a fail safe type thing in why would he have them and not use them? instead prancing around like pantomime fool ? lame....maybe i have gone ott here but the wirters had their act together since the opening 3/4 episodes now they slipped up again......
  • Good!

    I think that, since the last episode was so great and left us with a kind of cliffhanger, this ep didn't really live up to the usual standards. It felt very much like a "in-between ep", if you can put it like that... However, I liked the Bo part and the flashbacks into Morgans past as the intersect :P I know that they'll probably do something about the business since this is finale season, but I would love for them to get back to CIA. Beckman is awesome and, to be honest, their jobs where more fun before. But, overall, it was a good episode. I'm not thinking that this version of the intersect is the same as the one Morgan had tho, and Sarah with the intersect is just... pretty much normal Sarah :P We'll see!
  • super sarah

    sarah was awesome but now with the intersect she will be amazing

    if she survive (if i remenber those glasses nearly kill Morgan?
  • Not too shabby

    I was hoping somehow this would all come to a culmination where, at the end, Chuck ends up with the intersect again and things sorta go back to how they were; this way, we can rest assured that Chuck and the gang lived on doing what they do best! Morgan, Jeff, Lester and Big Mike holding the fort down at the Buy More while Chuck, Sarah and Casey are out gunning for bad guys. Of course, Awesome and Ellie would continue being the only "normies."

    The thing about Sarah is that she was always sorta tenacious and stout withOUT the intersect! That was her "thing." Still, it was unforeseen and cool in a way despite all those facts.

    It's getting harder and harder to predict how they'll roll out the grand finale.

    Also, what's with Bo Derek permanently looking 40? She literally looked exactly the same as she did in Tommy Boy almost 20 years ago.. :S