Season 3 Episode 5

Chuck Versus First Class

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 25, 2010 on NBC

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  • Nunchucks.

    An overall good episode. I liked the Morgan/John Casey stuff haha that was hilarious. Chuck with the sword was funny. I already don't like the stupid girl from the plane... No no I take that back. I can't stand her. Besides we all know that there's nobody out there better for Chuck than Sarah!! xD

    As a side note, I would have given this episode a little higher score but the scene at the end with that new girl was very inappropriate. Nevertheless, Chuck pulled through on his first solo mission! :O All thanks to Sarah.

    That new agent trying to run things is also starting to tick me off... Can I get an amen?
  • Chuck Versus First Class...need we say more?!

    Episode of the SEASON! (Thus far...) Loved every minute of this episode, almost went insane everytime a commercial came on. The solo mission was definitely a treat for those of us Chuck-fanatics wanting to see what the new intersect upgrade could do without the constant watch of Casey and Sarah. Then to throw not one, but two wrenches into the whole Chuck and Sarah dynamic was intense and should prove to be juicy. Kristen Kreuk has definitely grown on me and they used her very well throughout this episode, also loving that they are bringing her back for at least one more.

    Casey and Morgan finally starting to mesh was a definite bonus and not being distracted by the the whole Bartowski family for one hour was also nice. Line of the night: "What about muscles guy? I give him pprofessional wrestler!" Classic!
  • Something didn't sit right with this episode.

    I've loved how the third season has maintained the awesomeness of the second, with hilarious gags, espionage mystery and family drama combined in the perfect cocktail. But for some reason, 'First Class' didn't gel quite the same.

    Maybe it was the uninspired spy-plot, with Chuck assigned on his first solo mission to take down a friggin' wrestler. Although agent Shaw did grow on me in this episode, pushing Chuck to be the spy we know he can be, while showing his soft side with his late wife's story. But as Chuck said, he didn't even get to use his nun-chucks! And could this be the first episode Sarah didn't get in a fight?

    Maybe it was the lazy Buy More-plot, as Morgan recruits Casey to stop his team sabotaging him as the new assistant manager. I did love that Casey used NSA equipment to brainwash Lester into helping Morgan, with the 'red eye' reminiscent of the Cylon eye. But Lester's smarminess and Jeff's idiocy can get wearing at times.

    The one bright spot was Kristin Kreuk. I was unsure, given my bad history with her as the whiny, disbelieving Lana on Smallville, whether she could pull off the smart and sophisticated Hannah, but she does with aplomb. She's a little too beautiful to believe as an IT expert, but at least Chuck has a new romantic interest to make him act on his feelings for Sarah.

    I am looking forward to both Chuck and Sarah having competing romantic interests for the rest of the season, and as long as the writers don't have some hokey twist where they reveal Hannah as a Ring operative (I hope they exhausted that option with Jill as a Fulcrum agent), I'm looking forward to seeing Chuck dial down the spy-show for a while and let Sarah handle the kick-assery.
  • Chuck's on his first solo-mission, in a plane heading to France. Meets a perhaps special someone while Shaw questions Sarah back at Castle and Morgan goes to Casey for help with the Buy More fellows.

    A MUST SEE EPISODE! Extremely funny, and challenges Chuck to prove to everyone he's ready to be a real spy. We learn more about Agent Shaw and his clever mind. Hannah, a girl chuck meets on his mission, seems to be developing feelings for Chuck. What's gonna happen now with Chuck and Sarah? One of the show's best episode. Sarah is a pilot right from Castle and Casey's bored enough to help Morgan put his team in order. Is chuck's life going to change from this point on? More solo-missions? Chuck has come back a lot more stronger in season 3 and this isn't an episode you wanna miss.
  • Chuck solo's in his first mission on a plane to Paris. We learn some pretty important information about Daniel Shaw. There is insurgent activity among the Buy More crew and Morgan brings Casey in to put down the uprising.

    What a wonderful episode. Just when you expect a little bit of a letdown after some really excellent episodes and you might have thought the direction the show is going in was questionable here comes a truly inspired storyline.

    We have two major stories happening which have long term effects on the main characters. First after seeming to be critical of Chuck new boss Daniel Shaw sends him on his first solo mission. Back at the Buy More, Morgan is getting constant grief from the Buy More crew. He has to find a way to get control of the store.

    One of the significant things that happens in this episode other than Chuck soloing is a new character Chuck befriends on the plane. We meet Hannah played by Kristin Kreuk. She happens to be a computer hardware whiz who just lost her job and is heading to Paris to close out her office. Does this seem too convenient to anyone else. I think we are going to see her for a while. My thoughts are she is either a love interest for Chuck or she is an Agent of some kind, but for who will have to wait and see.

    Chucks mission turns out to be pretty cool and how everyone handles their piece of it was very interesting. Sarah has got some skills we really didn't know about.

    Casey goes out of his way to help Morgan and you had to love the results of his undercover work. Morgan in the machine was a hoot. How great was that? This story should still be a lot of fun going forward as well.

    Overall an excellent story and the acting was superb. Very entertaining with some funny moments and plenty of actions and twists to the plot. I think this show really has hit its high note in this third season. Thanks for reading...
  • The only thing I hated about the episode was the final song : Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, what the hell ????

    This episode was awesome, I'm glad agent Shaw is pushing Chuck up to be a real spy despite what Sarah and Casey say.
    I also liked Kristin Kreuk, it may be the beginning of a new relationship for Chuck and that would be a good thing for him to think about somebody else than Sarah.

    Casey and Morgan working together to take back control of the Buy More was kind of fun, especially when you see what Casey is ready to do to succeed.

    The only flaw of the episode was the choice of the song at the end. I'm french and I have to live with the fact that Carla Bruni is our first lady and I do everything I can to avoid her songs, because she's a bad singer. But if I watch Chuck and she's in it, Oh my God !!!
    Seriously, there are a lot of great songs from real singers with great voices that could have been picked for this episode. So please, next time, don't pick her up !!
  • What a great show! It's my fav with all the stars coming in.

    We can count on Chuck to give us all the action, love, surprise and most important, FUN and enjoyment! One of the best show ever made for an all rounder tv series. Keep it up guys and I will surely support this show. My family and I and the entire town loves it so much that we can't wait to see what's install for us next. Keep on uploading and keep on upgrading. I want more CHuck! V2 or V3 or V500... let's hope we continue to see more of it in this coming few seasons. UPGRADING to No. 1 show!
  • Almost perfect. Great episode.

    Somehow, the last one was if not boring, a little over the top. Awesome has the looks to be an spy, and the plot can be funny, but the editors tried to much, and that promise episode finished as one without any flavor at all, one of the worst so far.

    But this one, a great way to return to form. Chuck in a solo mission, with a good villain and a new love interest. It was a shame that he did not got a feet in Paris, because an episode there, he alone, should be great. I want move happiness on the Buy More store. Morgan as an Asistant Manager is boring. We need more craiziness from the indian dude and the fat one.
  • Chuck's first solo mission.

    Another setting stone in to Chuck becoming a spy. Chuck has to do his first solo mission and in the process, he meets Hannah on the plane,while he find out his mission is on the plane. He has to go against a ring operative. I thought this episode was a bit suspenseful since their on a plane, and Chuck has to basically save everyone, since the pilots are killed by the ring operative. Sarah ends up controlling the plane in the end. Chuck ends up completing the mission. We learn that Shaw's wife was killed by the Ring. And surprise, surprise: Hannah takes Chuck's offer seriously to work at the Burbank BuyMore, and it fades to black, after she walks in with her Nerd Herder uniform. A great episode, very enjoyable.