Season 3 Episode 4

Chuck Versus Operation Awesome

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 18, 2010 on NBC

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  • Captain Awesome that look like 008 and the spy that look like...Chuck. What can go wrong? and once again Chuck save the day by doing things very "un-SPYly".

    Chuck is the man now,and he have protect and guild Captain awesome like Sarah and Casey did with him. The Ring got confuse about who is the new top man in the CIA,naturely they think it's Captain awesome. Anyone could make that mistek,come on,who would think a man like chuck is the spy when Captain Awesome is near by. The Ring lost 5 man(/woman) again to Chuck with little help from Casey and Sarah.

    This is a overall a good episode,but after the last episode,this one seem little "boring" in "spy life". First this is the first episode I find the "Buymore life" is more fun then "spylife". The "Fightclub" is the high "fun" element in this episode. And I have to say I just love when Chuck "kong fu" Jeff,He is really annoying at time,knowing chuck being chuck I can understand why he don't get mad,but I just love when chuck lost control when Jeff being really annoying again ^^

    Spy side of chuck's life is little boring,and I think mostly because I really don't like this agent Shaw(maybe we don't suppost to like him,I did like Bryce). And Brandon Routh action skill is little...always the same face and expression. I'm voteing some Ring agent put him out of his misery.

    Sarah and Chuck on/off standoff need a lift. I'm really hoping CIA or NSA got a new "Carina" type aggressive(in way of love^^) "lady" to challenge
    Sarah's place in Chuck's heart.
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