Season 3 Episode 4

Chuck Versus Operation Awesome

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 18, 2010 on NBC

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  • The cat was a bear!

    I agree with those who felt this episode may not have lived up to the hype of the ads. That and following such a great ep before this, I think there's a bit to be desired. But there is still a lot to enjoy here.

    Sydney Price kidnaps Awesome, and it is funny to see Devon so in over his head and scared. Chuck of all people has to be the one playing 'experienced' agent and do some rescuing, which is a fun role-reversal. The writers do a good job of still keeping Chuck as Chuck, so some of the situations he and Devon share escalate in calamity. Chuck is no pro yet, lol. The Buy More got back to its antics in full-swing, with one of the most entertaining schemes yet: a Fight Club! Lester kind of owned in this plot, playing the Tyler Durden role hilariously. The bruises around the work place, the electric fence, calling Morgan 'ass-man'(assistant manager- Morgan's great new position), all of this was very funny. Brandon Routh as Agent Shaw. Now, I didn't like Superman Returns, and he was a big part of that. But he actually seems to fit in the Chuck-verse pretty well. Not sure where they're going with his character, but it's clear there's more to him that we will learn. Could it be that he was once a "Chuck" himself? A former nerd turned professional badass after years as an operative? That's the vibe I got from this character. Either that or Routh is still just a bland actor.