Season 4 Episode 9

Chuck Versus Phase Three

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 22, 2010 on NBC
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In order to escape The Belgian, Sarah, Chuck, Morgan and Casey immerse themselves in the jungles of Southeast Asia. The Belgian's mission is to discover more about the Intersect. Meanwhile, Ellie and Awesome dive into the secret Steven Bartowski left behind.

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  • Yvonne Should of Won an Emmy

    For someone who doesn't know martial arts Yvonne kicked some but in this episode. I love the scene of her rescuing Chuck. Chuck might be over but it lives forever on DVD's and Blu Ray

    This is easily one of my favourite episodes. While Chuck is missing and in peril, Casey, Sarah and Morgan all pull together to rescue him from the hands of nefarious scientists deep in the jungles of Thailand who want to lobotomise him in order to steal the intersect. The best episodes of 'Chuck' are like mini action/adventure movies, and this is one of them. The stakes are real and the emotion is palpable. The scene at the end where Sarah tells Chuck how much she loves him and pleads with him to wake up is really moving and the nightmare sequences are compelling, but I have to confess I love the concept of Sarah fighting her way through the jungles earning a reputation as a 'giant blond she-male. The scenes when she bursts into a bar and beats up half a dozen mercenaries in search of Chuck, then defeats a South-East Asian prize fighter in a Kill Bill inspired showdown is pretty awesome, and I don't usually go in for that kind of thing. I guess the producers just decided to go all out and remind is that though she has unpacked her suitcase and is finally ready put down roots, she's never likely to actually "settle down" in the traditional sense.moreless
  • Wow Yvonne Strahovski, where did you pull that from?

    I have always considered the casting of Chuck to be one of the shows strongest points. There isn't an actor out of place and everyone plays their roles to the full potential of that character. Yvonne Strahovski has always done a good job of playing Sarah but her character has had a very limited range of emotions that usually revolved around being the super serious spy or the vulnerable woman who has learned to mask those emotions from the rest of the world. But in this episode she was clearly given the opportunity to let all those emotions out with a fury and wow, what a job.

    The main focus of this episode was the search and rescue of Chuck who had been kidnapped by the Belgian, or more precisely Sarah's search for Chuck with Casey and Morgan desperately trying to keep up. This part of the story was brilliant from the off and kept me gripped even from where it really started at the end of last week's episode when Sarah announced that she was going to find Chuck. The action was fast paced and constant and it propelled us through the episode with a fury that was thrilling.

    The most important thing this storyline brought out for me was finally putting to bed the question of whether or not Sarah actually loved Chuck for Chuck or for the intersect in his head. She has always said that she did but she has only known him with the intersect and in spite of the words they always seemed empty, especially since she has always played someone who keeps her emotions bottled up. For the first time it looked as though she were a woman that was actually as in love with Chuck as he has been with her since the very first season.

    The secondary story line in this episode was a little more disappointing as I was hoping for some kind of reveal on what was on the computer, not an extension of the cliffhanger they left us with three weeks ago. We knew the computer was there and that Ellie would find it, did we really need to waste another episode seeing Awesome and the Buy More staff trying to unlock this computer only to leave us hanging as to what was on it. All we saw was a flash of light and their faces become slack in shock which leaves me with a horrifying thought that I hope never comes to pass... that they might have just been exposed to an intersect. I doubt (and hope with all my heart) that this isn't the case but I guess we will have to wait a week to see.

    Finally lets talk about the reason why this episode lost that half a point in my eyes. Chuck!

    Last week left me hoping that Chuck was finally going to get his chance to prove himself to Sarah, that she didn't need to constantly be his protector but that he could be a spy as well. I am a little disappointed that he has still failed to recover the intersect but that is only secondary to the fact that a chance for him to prove how much potential he has himself has passed them by and Sarah has saved him once again. Ok, they finished the episode with General Beckman saying that he had a future in the agency without the intersect but all I could think when she said this was "Why?"

    This was his chance to prove to them and us that he could be a spy but he has in stead proved that whilst he is capable of coming through in a secondary role he needs someone with him to hold his hand and keep him out of trouble. I see this as a betrayal of the Chuck character as since season 1 he has shown he is so much more than the intersect's vessel.

    This aside this was a quality episode that continues a hot streak for the show. I think so far this fourth season has been fairly strong but these last three episodes have gone from strength to strength.

    Here's to hoping they continue the trend and I can't see why not now that the Chuck Sarah relationship has come to a point where it is obviously strong and this constant bickering can stop and they can start working together as a team.

    I am eagerly looking forward to next weeks episode, wish it was tonight!moreless
  • Yvonne Strahovski kiks some serious a**!

    After the last episode, we see Chuck and Sarah having some heavy arguments with each other about Chuck's future as a spy and his capability to perform his duties as one without the intersect. Now, we have a very desperate and volatile Sarah going through hell and back trying to find Chuck and get him home safe and sound. The thing is, Cel. Casey isn't so excited about helping such an unpredictable person without counting the consequences of their acts. We see Chuck having some serious brain scrambling to free the intersect from his mind and how things would be if he didn't flash anymore, how people would react to this fact. Sarah leaves him and all his loved ones are pushing him to flash. Poor Chuck. Back in real life, Sarah is kicking everybody thai's butt to get her boyfriend back.

    Kudos to Yvonne for all the very physical stuff she had to do this week and to Zachary Levi on the dream scenes. The chemistry between Adam Baldwin and Joshua Gomez is getting ridiculously good. Let's just seat and wait for the next.moreless
  • That was a splendid episode so i felt the need to review it. The more i watch it, the more i see how awesome it was.

    As we have seen from the previous episode chuck was captured and taken by the Belgian. So before i even watched this episode, honestly, i was hoping for chuck to get out of this predicament by himself. I know without the intersect he's not much of a spy but with the way the last episode, the fear of death, ended which was overwhelming bad for chuck as they made his character look like a little kid who desperately wanted to be a spy i thought he needed to prove himself. Anyway, it didn't happen. Sarah did after all saved him. However the episode turned out unexpectedly more than i could imagine and we owe it all that to the great performance Sarah walker did. It simply turned out to be one of the best episodes. the major influence of that was how sarah's character changed from an overprotective girlfriend, which made it bad for the last episode, to a broken-down terrified girlfriend. She was terrified to the thought of never seeing chuck again and the way she expressed those emotions throughout everything was amazing.

    I loved how Morgan was involved a lot in this episode and how sometimes he seems like the voice of reason in the group. I also love how they keep referring to him as the magnet whenever they need to use him to attract the bad guys around. That's really a funny idea for the writers to have come up with. Casey performance was also funny. It's really amazing to watch how much he has changed. Before he never would have placed friendship above his orders. Remember he almost killed chuck in the beginning when they ordered him to.

    The buy more folks and Ellie and awesome were also entertaining to watch. Awesome called Lester to help with the computer that was left in the car in exchange to a free medical check-up for all the buy-more employees. The episode ended in a cliffhanger with Ellie and awesome who appeared to be surprised for what they saw in the computer and i can't wait to see what it is.moreless
Yvonne Strahovski

Yvonne Strahovski

Sarah Walker

Adam Baldwin

Adam Baldwin

Colonel John Casey

Joshua Gomez

Joshua Gomez

Morgan Grimes

Ryan McPartlin

Ryan McPartlin

Devon "Captain Awesome" Christian Woodcomb

Sarah Lancaster

Sarah Lancaster

Eleanor "Ellie" Bartowski

Bonita Friedericy

Bonita Friedericy

General Diane Beckman

Richard Chamberlain

Richard Chamberlain

Adelbert De Smet aka "The Belgian"

Guest Star

James Lew

James Lew

Anand Chanarong

Guest Star

Torsten Voges

Torsten Voges

Dr. Mueller

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Lester: (pointing to Ellie's laptop) You have a Roark 7?

      This is a reference to the laptop sent by Orion to the Buy More for Chuck. It was mistaken for the roark 7 (ultimate gaming laptop) by Lester and Jeff in the second season episode 17 Chuck Versus the Predator, who almost ended up blowing up the Beverly Hills Buy More with it.

    • Featured Music:
      "Miss Friday" by Nico Stai (Sarah alone in the bedroom, finds Chuck's proposal plan)
      "J'ai claqué la porte" by Chromeo (Chuck and Sarah make out, then Sarah asks Chuck to flash)
      "Creator (vs. Switch and FreQ Nasty)" by Santigold (Sarah tries to find The Belgian/Sarah fights in Thailand)
      "Woman" by Wolfmother (Chuck gets a call from Ellie while trying to escape)
      "Excuses" by The Morning Benders (Devon tells Ellie he's fixed the laptop, she enters the password)

  • QUOTES (14)

    • Casey: That jungle is filled with nothing but killers. I'm going with you.
      Sarah: You're not going where I'm going. I'll do anything to get him back, and I'm not going to take you down with me. You were right. I'm different without Chuck, and I don't like it.
      Casey: You let me out of here. You need me.
      Sarah: No. I need Chuck.

    • Casey: What is it about this shemale?

    • Casey: Walker, what are you doing here, all alone? This is nothing, but scoundrels, assassins, and warlords...scum of the Earth.
      Waitress: Ahh, Mr. Casey, your usual?

    • Devon: Oh, one other thing. This little project has to stay a secret from Chuck. Can we do that?
      Lester: Yeah, yeah. Absolutely, we can, my large, chiseled, dulce de leche colored friend.

    • (Morgan and Sarah sit on Chuck's bed)
      Sarah: When was he planning on doing this?
      Morgan: I don't know. You know ever since he lost the intersect, proposal plan got put on hold.
      Sarah: Why? Did he think that I wouldn't want to marry him without the intersect? Is that how I made him feel?
      Morgan: No, no. Chuck knew that...Chuck knows that you love him, Sarah. O kay. It's just your kind of a big fish you know and to a regular guy with no super computer in his brain I kind of think that's pretty intimidating.
      Sarah: But that's not the reason why I love Chuck. I do wanna spend the rest of my life with Chuck with or without the intersect.
      Morgan: That's fantastic, that's great. Yeah and he knows that right because you told him that.
      (Sarah looks stunned)
      Morgan: Oh.

    • Morgan: This may be my fault. I accidentally told Sarah about Chuck's proposal plan.
      Casey: What!? You threw gas on the fire! Can't you even keep your mouth shut?
      Morgan: I'm sorry! I overshared in order to connect. I'm a connector.

    • (Chuck and Sarah are making out)
      Sarah: You know what I really want?
      Chuck: This could be a very good show-me-don't-tell-me type situation, I think.
      Sarah: I want you to flash!
      Chuck: What?

    • (Chuck sits in a chair and is in coma while Sarah talks to him).
      Sarah: Chuck, please. Chuck I love you, please wake-up. I have so much I want to tell you. (Chuck stands in front of Sarah in his dream) I found your proposal plan.
      Chuck: (in his dream) No, no, no, no, no. This is my mind playing tricks on me. You don't know anything about my proposal plan.
      Sarah: (in Chuck's dream) You were gonna do it on the beach in Malibu, where we watched the sunrise after our first date. There were several race cars involved.
      Chuck: (in his dream) I've revised that.
      Sarah: Chuck, I wanna spend the rest of my life with you I don't care if you have the intersect or not. (In Chuck's dream) Without you I'm nobody, I'm nothing but a spy. Come back to me Chuck. I wanna marry you.

    • Morgan: How are you holdin' up?
      Sarah; Not great.
      Morgan: Yeah. Me, either. I have this awful taste in my mouth ever since Chuck disappeared. Which makes me think, wherever he is, he's probably eating something icky...strange twin thing.

    • (Anand is tied in a chair in the interrogation room)
      Anand: It's amazing what a woman will do to find a husband. Even the toughest spies in the world are just racing against that biological clock. Tick, tick, tick, tack.
      Sarah: You got me. I'm just a needy, love-crazed girl on a husband hunt (she sticks the needle in Anand's neck) who's trained in over 200 ways to kill you. Afraid yet?

    • Morgan: (to Chuck) That girl will do anything for you! I'm not kidding. I had to pull a Thai tooth out of her arm!

    • Lester; We're going to need something in return. You have something we need, if you know what I mean.
      Devon: I actually have no idea what you mean.
      Jeff: Four words: My abscess, Lester's gout.
      Devon: Whoa.
      Lester: We require some of your medical expertise.

    • Devon: I'm so glad you guys could come...I want this to be fixed before Ellie finishes her monster shift!
      Lester: Lucky for you my Tuesday trapeze class was canceled.

    • (Sarah has found a map in Chuck's shirt pocket)
      : Do you know what this is?
      Morgan: Nope. I've never seen it before.
      Sarah: I really miss him.
      Morgan: Fine, okay? I-I fold. It's Chuck's proposal plan. I hate myself.

  • NOTES (2)

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic - Chuck a třetí fáze (Chuck and the Third Phase)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      United Kingdom: December 9, 2010 on LIVING/LIVING HD
      Turkey: December 20, 2010 on CNBC-e
      Sweden: April 25, 2011 on TV6
      Australia: May 6, 2011 on FOX8
      Czech Republic: September 25, 2011 on Prima COOL
      Finland: September 12, 2013 on Sub


    • When Sara talks to Chuck while he is on the chair and he tells him to wake up its an allusion to the first 'Matrix' movie.

    • When Morgan walks the hall of Castle alongside Casey, Morgan says: "Listen Casey, I think Sarah's about to go all Kill Bill on this dude". This is an allusion to the 2003 and 2004 two-part action thriller movie Kill Bill.

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