Season 4 Episode 9

Chuck Versus Phase Three

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 22, 2010 on NBC

Episode Recap

This episode begins with Chuck dreaming that Sarah is turned off by his inability to flash. Meanwhile, the Belgian is working with a scientist to help Chuck flash with the hopes of accessing the Intersect. Sarah and Casey break into the Thai Embassy and kidnap Chanarog. Sarah finds a piece of paper in Chuck's Buy More shirt pocket which reveals his plan to propose to Sarah. Sarah goes to question Chanarog alone, who ends up revealing the location of Chuck and the Belgian. Casey and Morgan go with Sarah to Thailand find them.

On her way to work, Ellie notices a computer behind the seat in her father's car. She gets help from Awesome to turn on the computer. Ellie heads off to work, and Awesome still cannot figure out the computer. He enlists the help of Jeff and Lester and they eventually get the computer up and running.

In Thailand, Sarah finds a man who knows where Chuck and the Belgian are. She has to defeat this man's best fighter to get the information. She is about to loose the fight when Casey and Morgan come and save the day. Sarah finishes the fight and finds out where Chuck is.

The Belgian decides to erase everything out of Chuck's brain except the Intersect in order to access it. Just before the process is complete, Sarah, Morgan, and Casey save Chuck. Sarah tells an unconscious Chuck that she wants to marry him regardless of the Intersect. Meanwhile, Ellie is ecstatic to see that the computer has been turned on.