Season 4 Episode 9

Chuck Versus Phase Three

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 22, 2010 on NBC

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  • Yvonne has one of her best episodes yet as we conclude the two parter in the search for Chuck.

    Sarah's determination to get Chuck back is more than understandable and I loved how she, aptly pointed out by Morgan, wasn't afraid of igniting an international incident to get her man back. But when Morgan and Casey tell her to take a break, one of the best scenes of the season on an emotional level takes place. As Sarah laments in her and Chuck's room, she uncovers Chuck's proposal plans. I know we had been hinted at this at the beginning of the season, but to see he's seriously planning it out, is great...and funny.

    But I loved how Yvonne played that scene, as she really let loose on the emotions. And Morgan helping Sarah realize what she finally needs to tell him was great, as these two can finally get over their last hump and be together.

    Well, if Sarah can get Chuck back in time before his memory is erased. The dream sequences were interesting and it got a little scary as Phase Three slowly lobotomized his brain. Despite The Belgium's nonchalant attitude to destroying Chuck's mind, he still wasn't painted as a real dastardly villain.

    When Sarah goes AWOL and starts kicking ass, there was lots of fun to be had during this part of the episode. "Anyone else want to be my boyfriend?" was probably one of the funnier lines. And when Casey and Morgan come to the aid of the giant blonde she-male, it only gets better. The cage fight was pretty awesome.

    The subplot involving Ellie, Awesome and all of Buy More was hilarious. I love how Awesome was able to justify giving free med-care so he could take a problem of his wives' chest. Big-Mike showing up is always a blast, despite his short appearance. The entire time they were working with the computer, I was wondering if they'd get it to work and Buy More employees not named Greta would become part of the spy world. I don't know if I would like that or not. But I was worried that the computer would turn whoever opened it into an intersect and didn't want Ellie or Awesome to have it. But I am interested for sure to see it's contents.

    We almost got Chuck to tell Ellie he was spying again and despite it being in a dream sequence, I hope he realizes he should tell her (well from the looks of next week it would be hard for her not to know). Once again Yvonne did a great job, as she had Sarah try to yank Chuck out of his dream/coma. I was worried that he would have had a good portion of his memory erased as I just would not have liked that, as it would be cutting off the last three years. I seriously knew they wouldn't but still it was there.

    Another great episode.

    And now that everyone is safe, why not have a little family reunion next week?
  • Wow Yvonne Strahovski, where did you pull that from?

    I have always considered the casting of Chuck to be one of the shows strongest points. There isn't an actor out of place and everyone plays their roles to the full potential of that character. Yvonne Strahovski has always done a good job of playing Sarah but her character has had a very limited range of emotions that usually revolved around being the super serious spy or the vulnerable woman who has learned to mask those emotions from the rest of the world. But in this episode she was clearly given the opportunity to let all those emotions out with a fury and wow, what a job.

    The main focus of this episode was the search and rescue of Chuck who had been kidnapped by the Belgian, or more precisely Sarah's search for Chuck with Casey and Morgan desperately trying to keep up. This part of the story was brilliant from the off and kept me gripped even from where it really started at the end of last week's episode when Sarah announced that she was going to find Chuck. The action was fast paced and constant and it propelled us through the episode with a fury that was thrilling.

    The most important thing this storyline brought out for me was finally putting to bed the question of whether or not Sarah actually loved Chuck for Chuck or for the intersect in his head. She has always said that she did but she has only known him with the intersect and in spite of the words they always seemed empty, especially since she has always played someone who keeps her emotions bottled up. For the first time it looked as though she were a woman that was actually as in love with Chuck as he has been with her since the very first season.

    The secondary story line in this episode was a little more disappointing as I was hoping for some kind of reveal on what was on the computer, not an extension of the cliffhanger they left us with three weeks ago. We knew the computer was there and that Ellie would find it, did we really need to waste another episode seeing Awesome and the Buy More staff trying to unlock this computer only to leave us hanging as to what was on it. All we saw was a flash of light and their faces become slack in shock which leaves me with a horrifying thought that I hope never comes to pass... that they might have just been exposed to an intersect. I doubt (and hope with all my heart) that this isn't the case but I guess we will have to wait a week to see.

    Finally lets talk about the reason why this episode lost that half a point in my eyes. Chuck!

    Last week left me hoping that Chuck was finally going to get his chance to prove himself to Sarah, that she didn't need to constantly be his protector but that he could be a spy as well. I am a little disappointed that he has still failed to recover the intersect but that is only secondary to the fact that a chance for him to prove how much potential he has himself has passed them by and Sarah has saved him once again. Ok, they finished the episode with General Beckman saying that he had a future in the agency without the intersect but all I could think when she said this was "Why?"

    This was his chance to prove to them and us that he could be a spy but he has in stead proved that whilst he is capable of coming through in a secondary role he needs someone with him to hold his hand and keep him out of trouble. I see this as a betrayal of the Chuck character as since season 1 he has shown he is so much more than the intersect's vessel.

    This aside this was a quality episode that continues a hot streak for the show. I think so far this fourth season has been fairly strong but these last three episodes have gone from strength to strength.

    Here's to hoping they continue the trend and I can't see why not now that the Chuck Sarah relationship has come to a point where it is obviously strong and this constant bickering can stop and they can start working together as a team.

    I am eagerly looking forward to next weeks episode, wish it was tonight!
  • *SPOILER ALERT!* Team Bartowski heads off to find Chuck, led by "the giant, blonde she-male" Sarah, while Jeff and Lester are hired by Awesome to decipher the strange device in Ellie's car.

    Although the preview made this episode out to be the greatest of all of them to date (didn't it seem to build up anticipation to that level?) this one did not disappoint at all, and was nearly perfect! While Chuck undergoes an examination as a hostage of the Swede, Sarah reveals her true love for him, braving anyone and anything in her way of finding him. Yvonne certainly displayed her acting and action chops versus phase three and three hundred human obstacles, it seems! She was fantastic in capturing Sarah's hollowness, loneliness, and agony, while tearing a swarth through the jungles of Thailand where Chuck is being chemically and electronically interrogated for his Intersect. The action, the emotions, the suspense, and the ending were all first rate, although this wasn't as gripping as last year's Shaw finale. Also giving great performances were Chuck's male friends: best friend/twin Morgan, and spy friend Casey, who were also instrumental in saving our super geek/nerd herder. A plan for a future "Cubic Z" is revealed..

    Ellie and Devon also find the mysterious computer under Orion's parting gift with four wheels, and Awesome enlists the aid of Nerds Jeffrey and Lester to crack the Roarke 7, which, looks to me like a portable Intersect unit, and looks to me what will give Chuck his spylife back. This deal to crack the computer also gave us back some revulsion of the presences of Jeffster, as Lester makes Dr Awesome do medical evaluations on the screwball singers and other Buy More associates as payback for the cumputer-hacking. This segment, which usually compliments the spy arc so well, and sometimes better, brought the show down a bit, in my opinion, as compared to the high octane rescue attempt. So, after many examinations and many hours of " quasi-IT" work, only Ellie solves the password prompt left by Stephen Bartowski. Does anyone tap into an Intersect? What did the Woodcombs see on the screen? Tune in next week, for that stunning conclusion, and some un-awesome Thanksgiving dinner guests, namely, one Mary Bartowski a.k.a. Frost, and one arch-enemy Alexi Volkov. My Turkey Day Toast: Here's to Chuck reclaiming his electronic spy-augmenting equipment, and taking down Volkov personally, freeing and redeeming Mrs. B in the process, just as Ellie delivers a grandson to her beaming mother!!!!
  • That was a splendid episode so i felt the need to review it. The more i watch it, the more i see how awesome it was.

    As we have seen from the previous episode chuck was captured and taken by the Belgian. So before i even watched this episode, honestly, i was hoping for chuck to get out of this predicament by himself. I know without the intersect he's not much of a spy but with the way the last episode, the fear of death, ended which was overwhelming bad for chuck as they made his character look like a little kid who desperately wanted to be a spy i thought he needed to prove himself. Anyway, it didn't happen. Sarah did after all saved him. However the episode turned out unexpectedly more than i could imagine and we owe it all that to the great performance Sarah walker did. It simply turned out to be one of the best episodes. the major influence of that was how sarah's character changed from an overprotective girlfriend, which made it bad for the last episode, to a broken-down terrified girlfriend. She was terrified to the thought of never seeing chuck again and the way she expressed those emotions throughout everything was amazing.
    I loved how Morgan was involved a lot in this episode and how sometimes he seems like the voice of reason in the group. I also love how they keep referring to him as the magnet whenever they need to use him to attract the bad guys around. That's really a funny idea for the writers to have come up with. Casey performance was also funny. It's really amazing to watch how much he has changed. Before he never would have placed friendship above his orders. Remember he almost killed chuck in the beginning when they ordered him to.

    The buy more folks and Ellie and awesome were also entertaining to watch. Awesome called Lester to help with the computer that was left in the car in exchange to a free medical check-up for all the buy-more employees. The episode ended in a cliffhanger with Ellie and awesome who appeared to be surprised for what they saw in the computer and i can't wait to see what it is.
  • Yvonne Strahovski kiks some serious a**!

    After the last episode, we see Chuck and Sarah having some heavy arguments with each other about Chuck's future as a spy and his capability to perform his duties as one without the intersect. Now, we have a very desperate and volatile Sarah going through hell and back trying to find Chuck and get him home safe and sound. The thing is, Cel. Casey isn't so excited about helping such an unpredictable person without counting the consequences of their acts. We see Chuck having some serious brain scrambling to free the intersect from his mind and how things would be if he didn't flash anymore, how people would react to this fact. Sarah leaves him and all his loved ones are pushing him to flash. Poor Chuck. Back in real life, Sarah is kicking everybody thai's butt to get her boyfriend back.
    Kudos to Yvonne for all the very physical stuff she had to do this week and to Zachary Levi on the dream scenes. The chemistry between Adam Baldwin and Joshua Gomez is getting ridiculously good. Let's just seat and wait for the next.
  • That was the best performance by agent Sarah Walker! We were used to Sarah's fighting skills throughout the series but in this ep she is devastated by Chuck's kidnapping and we get to see her feminine side, more emotional and carrying ...

    spoiler " without you I'm nobody, I am nothing but a spy " The episode starts with Ellie and awesome find a notebook hidden by Ellie's father but is broken and in order to fix it they ask for help to the nerd herds Meanwhile Sarah and Casey continue searching for Chuck unsuccessfully .Then Morgan provides them an information about a Belgian's collaborator who is a Thailand diplomat. He leads them to Thailand, where a scientist try to trigger the intersect in Chuck's mind with experiments Sarah finds Chuck's plan for wedding proposal and Morgan tells her that there were postponed when Chuck lost the intersect Sarah then realizes that she hadn't make clear to Chuck that she wants to be with him for the rest of her life With or Without the intersect . . .

    This is easily one of my favourite episodes. While Chuck is missing and in peril, Casey, Sarah and Morgan all pull together to rescue him from the hands of nefarious scientists deep in the jungles of Thailand who want to lobotomise him in order to steal the intersect. The best episodes of 'Chuck' are like mini action/adventure movies, and this is one of them. The stakes are real and the emotion is palpable. The scene at the end where Sarah tells Chuck how much she loves him and pleads with him to wake up is really moving and the nightmare sequences are compelling, but I have to confess I love the concept of Sarah fighting her way through the jungles earning a reputation as a 'giant blond she-male. The scenes when she bursts into a bar and beats up half a dozen mercenaries in search of Chuck, then defeats a South-East Asian prize fighter in a Kill Bill inspired showdown is pretty awesome, and I don't usually go in for that kind of thing. I guess the producers just decided to go all out and remind is that though she has unpacked her suitcase and is finally ready put down roots, she's never likely to actually "settle down" in the traditional sense.
  • Yvonne Should of Won an Emmy

    For someone who doesn't know martial arts Yvonne kicked some but in this episode. I love the scene of her rescuing Chuck. Chuck might be over but it lives forever on DVD's and Blu Ray