Season 4 Episode 9

Chuck Versus Phase Three

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 22, 2010 on NBC

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  • *SPOILER ALERT!* Team Bartowski heads off to find Chuck, led by "the giant, blonde she-male" Sarah, while Jeff and Lester are hired by Awesome to decipher the strange device in Ellie's car.

    Although the preview made this episode out to be the greatest of all of them to date (didn't it seem to build up anticipation to that level?) this one did not disappoint at all, and was nearly perfect! While Chuck undergoes an examination as a hostage of the Swede, Sarah reveals her true love for him, braving anyone and anything in her way of finding him. Yvonne certainly displayed her acting and action chops versus phase three and three hundred human obstacles, it seems! She was fantastic in capturing Sarah's hollowness, loneliness, and agony, while tearing a swarth through the jungles of Thailand where Chuck is being chemically and electronically interrogated for his Intersect. The action, the emotions, the suspense, and the ending were all first rate, although this wasn't as gripping as last year's Shaw finale. Also giving great performances were Chuck's male friends: best friend/twin Morgan, and spy friend Casey, who were also instrumental in saving our super geek/nerd herder. A plan for a future "Cubic Z" is revealed..

    Ellie and Devon also find the mysterious computer under Orion's parting gift with four wheels, and Awesome enlists the aid of Nerds Jeffrey and Lester to crack the Roarke 7, which, looks to me like a portable Intersect unit, and looks to me what will give Chuck his spylife back. This deal to crack the computer also gave us back some revulsion of the presences of Jeffster, as Lester makes Dr Awesome do medical evaluations on the screwball singers and other Buy More associates as payback for the cumputer-hacking. This segment, which usually compliments the spy arc so well, and sometimes better, brought the show down a bit, in my opinion, as compared to the high octane rescue attempt. So, after many examinations and many hours of " quasi-IT" work, only Ellie solves the password prompt left by Stephen Bartowski. Does anyone tap into an Intersect? What did the Woodcombs see on the screen? Tune in next week, for that stunning conclusion, and some un-awesome Thanksgiving dinner guests, namely, one Mary Bartowski a.k.a. Frost, and one arch-enemy Alexi Volkov. My Turkey Day Toast: Here's to Chuck reclaiming his electronic spy-augmenting equipment, and taking down Volkov personally, freeing and redeeming Mrs. B in the process, just as Ellie delivers a grandson to her beaming mother!!!!