Season 4 Episode 9

Chuck Versus Phase Three

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 22, 2010 on NBC

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  • Yvonne has one of her best episodes yet as we conclude the two parter in the search for Chuck.

    Sarah's determination to get Chuck back is more than understandable and I loved how she, aptly pointed out by Morgan, wasn't afraid of igniting an international incident to get her man back. But when Morgan and Casey tell her to take a break, one of the best scenes of the season on an emotional level takes place. As Sarah laments in her and Chuck's room, she uncovers Chuck's proposal plans. I know we had been hinted at this at the beginning of the season, but to see he's seriously planning it out, is great...and funny.

    But I loved how Yvonne played that scene, as she really let loose on the emotions. And Morgan helping Sarah realize what she finally needs to tell him was great, as these two can finally get over their last hump and be together.

    Well, if Sarah can get Chuck back in time before his memory is erased. The dream sequences were interesting and it got a little scary as Phase Three slowly lobotomized his brain. Despite The Belgium's nonchalant attitude to destroying Chuck's mind, he still wasn't painted as a real dastardly villain.

    When Sarah goes AWOL and starts kicking ass, there was lots of fun to be had during this part of the episode. "Anyone else want to be my boyfriend?" was probably one of the funnier lines. And when Casey and Morgan come to the aid of the giant blonde she-male, it only gets better. The cage fight was pretty awesome.

    The subplot involving Ellie, Awesome and all of Buy More was hilarious. I love how Awesome was able to justify giving free med-care so he could take a problem of his wives' chest. Big-Mike showing up is always a blast, despite his short appearance. The entire time they were working with the computer, I was wondering if they'd get it to work and Buy More employees not named Greta would become part of the spy world. I don't know if I would like that or not. But I was worried that the computer would turn whoever opened it into an intersect and didn't want Ellie or Awesome to have it. But I am interested for sure to see it's contents.

    We almost got Chuck to tell Ellie he was spying again and despite it being in a dream sequence, I hope he realizes he should tell her (well from the looks of next week it would be hard for her not to know). Once again Yvonne did a great job, as she had Sarah try to yank Chuck out of his dream/coma. I was worried that he would have had a good portion of his memory erased as I just would not have liked that, as it would be cutting off the last three years. I seriously knew they wouldn't but still it was there.

    Another great episode.

    And now that everyone is safe, why not have a little family reunion next week?