Season 4 Episode 9

Chuck Versus Phase Three

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 22, 2010 on NBC

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  • That was a splendid episode so i felt the need to review it. The more i watch it, the more i see how awesome it was.

    As we have seen from the previous episode chuck was captured and taken by the Belgian. So before i even watched this episode, honestly, i was hoping for chuck to get out of this predicament by himself. I know without the intersect he's not much of a spy but with the way the last episode, the fear of death, ended which was overwhelming bad for chuck as they made his character look like a little kid who desperately wanted to be a spy i thought he needed to prove himself. Anyway, it didn't happen. Sarah did after all saved him. However the episode turned out unexpectedly more than i could imagine and we owe it all that to the great performance Sarah walker did. It simply turned out to be one of the best episodes. the major influence of that was how sarah's character changed from an overprotective girlfriend, which made it bad for the last episode, to a broken-down terrified girlfriend. She was terrified to the thought of never seeing chuck again and the way she expressed those emotions throughout everything was amazing.
    I loved how Morgan was involved a lot in this episode and how sometimes he seems like the voice of reason in the group. I also love how they keep referring to him as the magnet whenever they need to use him to attract the bad guys around. That's really a funny idea for the writers to have come up with. Casey performance was also funny. It's really amazing to watch how much he has changed. Before he never would have placed friendship above his orders. Remember he almost killed chuck in the beginning when they ordered him to.

    The buy more folks and Ellie and awesome were also entertaining to watch. Awesome called Lester to help with the computer that was left in the car in exchange to a free medical check-up for all the buy-more employees. The episode ended in a cliffhanger with Ellie and awesome who appeared to be surprised for what they saw in the computer and i can't wait to see what it is.