Season 2 Episode 11

Chuck Versus Santa Claus

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 15, 2008 on NBC

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  • Emotional and funny

    First of all, I like most of the Christmas episodes. And this is one of them. There are several moments that makes me laught. Morgan in an elf costumes saying "Do I not look like an adult to you?" :D This is definitely one of my favorites Morgan moments. And also when the perpetrator asks the boss, the attitude of Anna, Jeff, Lester was hilarious. :) Hmm Lester calls sex lines while the other are talking their loved ones. Typical ;) This episode was emotional and funny as always...
  • Santa Claus is coming to town, well the Buy More to be exact.

    Ahhh Christmas Eve and in the Buy More store not even a mouse ….. Okay okay let's move on, as the store and it's employee's are getting ready for the mad dash rush of last minute shoppers a high speed chase is being screened on all the TV's, Lester, Morgan, Jeff & Anna are taking bets as to what will happen to the robber, as the TV footage plays out they can hear the police sirens getting closer until ' Crash ' though the front of the store comes the robber & takes the gang plus Ellie and Devon hostage, naturally Casey & Sarah try a rescue mission with out success however there is a twist as the police detective in charge and the robber are Fulcrum agents.

    Great episode with a good feel however seeing Chuck watch as his 'pretend' girlfriend Sarah shoot a man in cold blood was a shock, but she was only protecting him.
  • Santa's Coming to town

    I am in two minds about this episode. I loved the drama the inclusion of all characters and the overall flow of the episode. The Fulcrum agents were very good in this one. It was a well thoughout plan that worked so well. thier infiltration of Buy More was a stroke of genius and the acting was just great.

    My problem with the episode however is the overall plot was not quite prudent when considering the entire series premise. Chuck is supposed to be based in burbank with all those characters around him and this plot for me ended up suggesting that this is not a good idea. This is the second time that Fulcrum has Identified chuck as the Intersect albeit both times the information never gets to Fulcrum in large (although I wonder how they silenced Lizzie from season 1 Finale). The fact that Ned is still alive and Lizzie as well and given Frank's finding out chuck was the Intersect, this was too much information for the government to keep ignoring and letting chuck remain in Burbank. Also this was the first time that Chuck has now actively put his family's life in danger, even he himself should have realised the need to leave. I am not saying He should have left or CIA should have forcibly removed him, I am just saying the plot came close to making the show's premise look idiotic. The Idea was good but the only reason why Fulcrum is not starting to actually investigate this more and more is only because the writers are ignoring the logical prograssion
  • This episode isn't all sad and somber. In fact, the stuff with Awesome and the Buy More crew (in elf uniforms!) staging a coup that instantly fails until Morgan pops up with a fake snowblower is pretty hysterical.

    The episode was very well paced and had a lot of twists considering the fact that the episode was largely self-contained to the Buy More and the store's immediate surroundings. By filling up the store with everyone before the car came crashing in, however, it managed to put enough distance between the characters so that we were able to zoom in on single people or small groups to see how they were personally handling the crisis. There were some moments that played out like one would figure (like Sarah and Casey being the two hostages freed), but they still managed to make me laugh, thanks mostly to the writing and the acting.As for the ending…I'm slightly disappointed. On one hand it had some excellent drama, considering the fact that what Sarah did she did it ultimately – above all else – because she honestly loves and cares for Chuck. Chuck is potentially changed forever, however, as he watches Sarah shoot a man pointblank range to keep him quiet. It's hard to believe or even understand Chuck's emotions at seeing Sarah's actions, as it's not like she's never killed anyone or shot people over and over throughout the show's run. Why is this death any different? I don't understand it and the show will have to explain it better when the show returns.
  • Someone naughty is coming to town...

    This episode was well rounded and used every "main" character to their strongest points. They nailed every character this episode and managed to have two new ones in there and still everything fit wonderfully.
    My favorite character still has to be Casey, especially when he tries defending himself infront of the general with bandaid wrapped fingers. Big Mike and his cousin was funny to see, especially when Big Mike called him when they were all allowed to call loved ones.
    Morgan and Anna hit the rocks again with the help of Lester after his "heroics", Captain Awesome set up an "awesome plan" that didn't work out so well until Morgan showed up outta the "snow".
    Ned and the lieutenant both being Fulcrum agents came as quiet a surprise and led to some very interesting developments.
    Chuck and Sarah started to fall for each other again with Chuck giving over a precious charm braclet. The only problem I have with this episode is Chuck's reaction to Sarah killing the Fulcrum agent. He heard what the guy said, wouldn't he not want to be hunted for the rest of his life as he always says? Otherwise amazing episode and can't wait for it's return in February!
  • Wow how did I miss this one.

    I cant beleave I forgot to review this one because this was probably the best episode of the first half of season two of Chuck. It was a fantastic episode to watch before the mid season break although I didnt watch it until April lol. The episode was great best christmas episode for a show ever. Buy More was the setting from memory it was all in the Buy More this episode Big Mike was santa and everyone was dressed like elves the idea of that is hilarous. great episode and it was good to see more of Big Mike because he is one of the funniest on the show.
  • Great story, great character interaction, great ending.

    This was one of my favorite episodes by far. Sometimes I find the Buy More side plots a bit distracting and I thought it was a nice change of pace to have one story line throughout. It was nice to get a little realism in the show. Bryce Larkin steals the intersect, of course Fulcrum would check his old college room mate out. Admittedly the *gasp* character _____ is a Fulcrum agent plot device is getting a bit old I didn't see it coming. While the ending was a bit of the occasionally secret agents do this kind of thing.
  • Great Balance.

    One of the things I really liked about this episode, as with most Chuck episodes, is the great balance of comedy and the spy stuff. We have a car chase that ends with a car driving through the Buy More. What appears to be a candidate from the dumbest criminal files sends up taking customers and staff hostage. But wait, he's not so dumb. He's actually a part of a team, that includes a guy impersonating a cop, that is ultimately after Chuck or actually the InterSect. The obviously most dramatic point of this episode is when Chuck witnesses Sarah shooting Mauser. This is going to change things dramatically for them.
  • good story, and plot, and character and everything

    this was one of my favorite episodes of CHUCK. i generally like any episode where chuck and sarah's relationship gets developed more, and this episode shows just how far sarah is willing to go to not just protect chuck's safety, but also of his every day life because she knows how important his family and friends is to chuck. to me, she didnt even hesitate in making the decision she chose, i was expecting it; it was the most logical and easy and safest course of action, especially given how she feels about chuck.

    this episode also adds plot twist between chuck and sarah as well, and we can see just how strong they feel about each other and whether their relationship can endure sarah's choice.

    another reviewer mentioned the angle FULCRUM has taken which is also great, considering everything thats relating to fulcrum in past episodes and a lot of times it revolves things happening at the buy more, its not much of a leap to think a clandestine agency like fulcrum can't put two and two together.

    hopefully i didnt have specific and obvious spoilers written into this review.

    great job chuck's cast and crew, and happy holidays to everyone reading this little post
  • I'd never let anybody hurt you.

    Over these first two seasons they've brought up the many different obstacles Chuck and Sarah will have to overcome if they ever want to become a couple. Chnuck's ex, Sarah's ex, Chuck want of a real life aka the life he once had and so on and so forth but they've never really dealth with the fact that though Sarah is by no means Casey she is an agent. They've brought it up of course, Sarah has brought it up before saying that she's an agent and Chuck is a asset. But they've never gotten into the meat and potatoes of what that means.

    She shot that Fulcrum agent to protect Chuck, she shot that Fulcrum agent because it needed to be done to protect the intersect, she shot him because it would have be wreckless not to and very bad things would have happened if he had lived, she shot him because she would never let anything hurt Chuck. Chuck knows Sarah has killed before in self defense but there's a difference between knowing and seeing. And actually seeing it then seeing her lie right to his fact about it is going to open up a whole new can of worms. Chuck and Sarah were finally getting back to their post Jill/break-up (even though they weren't ever really dating technically) relationship. Well they were getting close actually, especially during that scene when Chuck gave Sarah that beautiful family bracelet. So touching and sweet! But now Chuck's going to be dealing with the fact that though Sarah is by no means Casey, follwing orders no matter, she is still an agent and their are elements of that which might not always be pretty. Then again if looked at another way what she did she did in part for Chuck.
  • It's christmas

    A car crashes into the Buy More and takes the employees hostages, Ned The hostage-taker just wanted to get home to his family. So Chuck struck a deal with him let all the hostages go and you get your wish. But nope it turned out the hostage negotiator was a Fulcrum agent and it was revealed that Ned wasn't who he seemed he was. Chuck had already let Sarah and Casey go; now the Fulcrum agent wanted is the Intersect and that he got. The rest of the gang tried to take out Ned, with Chuck being led away Sarah was straight on the scene saving Chuck and Shooting the agent in which Chuck witnessed.
  • All the action in this Christmas special was Buy More centred. Fantastic!

    This Christmas edition of Chuck was just perfect. The scenes were all set in the Buy More and all the cast had a key role in the story. There was a great balance between the slapstick (most notably Big Mike and Awesome tackling the hold-up guy) and the serious drama (in particular the way Sarah shot Mauser because she knew she had to and then lied to Chuck afterwards to protect him). Sarah does not know that Chuck witnessed what she did and this will have major repercussions for their relationship from here on. Shame we have to wait until February for the next installment.
  • Grt

    In Christmas eve, the Buy More is lowering its prices so they can have a big sale. But this plan is screwed up when a thief enters the place and Chuck, Morgan, Sarah, Cassey, Lester, Big Mike, Lester, Jeff, Emmett, Ellie, Devon, and Anna are trapped in.

    This episode was grt, but I have to say that at first I was tinking it wasnt good. The beginning was kinda boring, and went on like that in the first half. But it got interesting the second half with the Fulcrum guy and the realization that Ned is also from Fulcrum. It was a rlly good episode, and you'll enjoy it if you're a long time Chuck fan, but for someone who havent ever seen Chuck and this is the first time will feel that this show isnt as good as old fans know it is.