Season 2 Episode 11

Chuck Versus Santa Claus

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 15, 2008 on NBC

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  • Someone naughty is coming to town...

    This episode was well rounded and used every "main" character to their strongest points. They nailed every character this episode and managed to have two new ones in there and still everything fit wonderfully.
    My favorite character still has to be Casey, especially when he tries defending himself infront of the general with bandaid wrapped fingers. Big Mike and his cousin was funny to see, especially when Big Mike called him when they were all allowed to call loved ones.
    Morgan and Anna hit the rocks again with the help of Lester after his "heroics", Captain Awesome set up an "awesome plan" that didn't work out so well until Morgan showed up outta the "snow".
    Ned and the lieutenant both being Fulcrum agents came as quiet a surprise and led to some very interesting developments.
    Chuck and Sarah started to fall for each other again with Chuck giving over a precious charm braclet. The only problem I have with this episode is Chuck's reaction to Sarah killing the Fulcrum agent. He heard what the guy said, wouldn't he not want to be hunted for the rest of his life as he always says? Otherwise amazing episode and can't wait for it's return in February!