Season 2 Episode 11

Chuck Versus Santa Claus

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 15, 2008 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • When Sarah shoots Mauser on the Christmas Tree lot, she is holding her pistol in her right hand. The shot then quickly cuts away to Chuck to show his reaction and then quickly back to Sarah who is now holding the pistol with both hands (one would presume to show the charm bracelet). The shot then cuts quickly once again and Sarah is once again holding the pistol in her right hand. Also note that the image is mirrored left-to-right; the pistol's ejector, located on the left, is viewed on the right side of the pistol.

    • When the hostage negotiator walks into the Buy More he drops his bullet-proof vest on the ground before the gate closes. The camera then shows him walking into the store (with the gate already closed), the vest is back in his hand, and he drops it again.

    • Featured Music:
      "Jingle Bell Rock" by Bobby Helms (Opening scene)
      "Carol Of The Bells" (Devon works on a plan)
      "I'll Be Home For Christmas" by Bing Crosby (People use their cellphones)
      "Silent Night" by The Choir of Trinity College, Cambridge (Sarah tells Chuck to run to the castle and engages the agent)
      "Jingle Bell Rock" by Bobby Helms (The hostage situation is resolved)
      "Ode To Joy" by Ludwig van Beethoven (Mike and Al hug)
      "Christmas And Me Are Through" by Your Vegas (Closing scenes)

  • Quotes

    • Morgan: Oh, thank God you're here, Chuck, thank God. Anna won't speak to me, you know, after I balked at the whole moving in together thing.
      Chuck: She thinks you're immature. Afraid to grow up and be an adult.
      Morgan: Exactly. Yeah, exactly, and that's ridiculous! (in an elf costume) Do I not look like an adult to you?

    • Awesome: Oh, don't worry about getting me a gift, babe. You already did.
      Ellie: I did?
      Awesome: Yeah! Yeah. I took it upon myself, since you never know what to get me.
      Ellie: That's great! What'd I get you?
      Awesome: Weekend skydiving trip with the boys in Crested Butte. Ten thousand foot freefall. Awesome!
      Ellie: Great. So, uh, my present to my fiancé is a ticket to death.

    • Ned: Chuck, you've been a good friend to me, so I'm gonna return the favor, I'm gonna let your girlfriend go.
      Chuck: No.
      Ellie: Chuck.
      Jeff: Ouch!
      Lester: Yikes, you get cold Christmases at the Bartowski's.
      Buy More Employee: Oh no, he didn't.

    • General Beckman: (looking at the tape on Casey's fingers) Are you okay, Major?
      Casey: Oh, er, just paper cuts. I'm on gift wrap station, General.
      General Beckman: It's an electronics store, Major, not Basra. Get it under control.

    • Sarah: (on the phone to Chuck) Hi, Chuck. Where are you?
      Chuck: DVDs. I'm in the Romantic Comedy section. Although for irony's sake, I suppose I should probably be in Hostage Thrillers.

    • General Beckman: The suspect's name is Nathan Rhyerson. He is a civilian. No record, not even a speeding ticket in the past 10 years.
      Casey: Oh, Nathan picked himself the wrong place to be naughty instead of nice.

    • Ned: I don't want to hurt anyone Chuck. So as long as no-one gets brave, no-one gets shot. Okay?
      Chuck: Okay. I think we're safe. Yeah. This store has a very strict no bravery policy.

    • Sarah: Christmas at the Burton household meant the annual Salvation Army con-job.
      Chuck: OK. You're a little different from the rest of us.

    • Morgan: Let me ask you something. What do you do when you see your girlfriend do something so horrific, it's permanently burned into your brain?
      Chuck: I don't know buddy. But I know exactly what you mean.

    • Ned: I, uh... I feel terrible about shooting your friend's toe off.
      Chuck: No, no, no, no, that's okay. Sometimes, I feel like shooting him myself.

    • Casey: You know, I survived three wars without so much as losing a fingernail before I met you, Bartowski.

    • Lester: How much do you think a toe is worth to Casey?
      Jeff: Why?
      Lester: Maybe there's a finder's fee.

    • Ellie: You're gonna be okay, John. A lot of people get by with nine toes.
      Jeff: I'm getting by fine with eight.

    • Chuck: It's okay everyone. It was a mistake. An accidental shooting, but Casey is gonna be just fine.
      Casey: You idiot. You owe me a toe, Bartowski!

    • Big Mike: Love the smell of day before Christmas in the morning.
      Emmett: There's just nothing quite like the sweet scent of desperate last-minute shoppers in the air.
      Big Mike: You jack our prices up 10%?
      Emmett: 15. You snooze, you lose.
      Big Mike: We're going to rob them blind.
      Emmett: Merry Christmas!
      Big Mike: Merry Christmas!

  • Notes

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic - Chuck a Santa Claus (Chuck and Santa Claus)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Turkey: April 6, 2009 on CNBC-e
      United Kingdom: August 18, 2009 on Virgin 1
      Latin America: August 23, 2009 on Warner Channel
      Australia: September 10, 2009 on FOX8
      Czech Republic: February 15, 2010 on Prima COOL
      Slovakia: June 6, 2010 on Markiza
      Finland: July 29, 2011 on Sub

  • Allusions

    • The hostage taker/gunman is named Ned Rhyerson, which is the name of the insurance agent in the 1993 movie Groundhog Day.

    • Big Mike: Love the smell of day before Christmas in the morning.
      Big Mike parodies the line from the movie Apocalypse Now - "I love the smell of napalm in the morning".

    • The character Lt. Mauser (played by Michael Rooker) may be an allusion to the character of the same name in Police Academy: Their First Assignment.

    • In this episode, Reginald VelJohnson plays Sgt. Al Powell, a Twinkie-loving cop of the LAPD. He played the same character (Twinkies included) in the 1988 movie Die Hard and again in 1990's Die Hard 2.
      VelJohnson has made a career of playing police officers, including in the films Ghostbusters and Turner and Hooch, and as Carl Winslow in the ABC sitcom Family Matters.

      An additional allusion to the original Die Hard film is the use of the Beethoven's "Ode to Joy" which is also used as leit-motif for Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman) and his band of thieves in the film. As already mentioned in the song-listing for this episode, "Ode to Joy" is played when Sgt. Powell and Big Mike hug at the end of the hostage situation. "Ode to Joy" is also played when the shutters of Buy More are closed, same as when the shutters of the Nakatomi Tower in Die Hard are closed.

      There are more allusions to Die Hard, e.g. when Sgt. Powell says to his brother, "How 'r you holding up there, partner?" is a replay of a line he said to Bruce Willis. "Capiche" was also used in Die Hard.

      Also note that the previous week's episode was about the sale of the "Nakamichi" tower...

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