Season 5 Episode 12

Chuck Versus Sarah

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 27, 2012 on NBC



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      "Your Hands" by Ghost Society

    • When breaking into DARPA, Sarah is seen wearing (ridiculously) high heels. However, moments later, as she is running through the halls, she's wearing (much more sensible) flat heels.

    • A lot of the moves that Sarah uses when breaking into the DARPA facility are the same moves Bryce Larkin when he was stealing/destroying the first Intersect in the pilot episode. This includes kicking through the window above a door frame, grabbing a pipe and twisting to attack, and sliding under a table and using the chair as a projectile.

  • Quotes

    • Sarah: (on video) Day 1. My mission is simple, find out what he knows, gain his trust, and monitor his actions until the agency can decide what to do with him. Day 21. Chuck came over to my hotel room today and brought me a pizza. Vegetarian, no olives. I think he's making it his mission to get to know me. It's sweet. Day 49. Chuck broke up with me today. Well, uh, fake... fake broke up with me, technically. Day 56. Chuck and I were defusing a bomb today, and there was a moment where we were sure we were going to die. He closed his eyes, and I kissed him. I... kissed... him. Day 564. Things are calm for once. No missions, nothing-nothing really to report, except I still find myself sitting here, talking to myself, because-because I love him. I love Chuck Bartowski, and I don't know what to do about it.

    • Casey: What do you remember about me?
      Sarah: Your reputation, mostly. Unfriendly, unforgiving and unquestioning about your orders.
      Casey: That's funny. When we met, people said the same thing about you. Probably why we never got along, huh?

    • Sarah: This is real. You really love me?
      Chuck: With all of my heart.
      Sarah: I'm sorry, I did my job too well.

    • Devon: Babe...
      Ellie: Babe, I just got a letter from...
      Devon: Carlos Shuman Medical Center?
      Ellie: In Chicago offering me a research position.
      Devon: They want me to head up the cardiac division. They must know we're a couple. Babe, I think we're being wooed by Midwesterners.

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