Season 4 Episode 18

Chuck Versus The A-TEAM

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 14, 2011 on NBC

Episode Recap

Chuck practices interrogating Morgan, making sure he can keep Casey's secret. Chuck and Sara are getting tired with the routine of missions. Suddenly things get stirred up when they suspect that Casey is up to something. He follows to Casey to see that he has created a new team that is full of Gretas. Bentley is the director of the team. General Beckman is forced to stay aside while the CIA splits their best recruits into two teams. Chuck and Sarah are excited that they are sent on a very important mission, but they later find out they have become the second string.

Ellie is at home all day taking care of the baby and she becomes stir crazy. She drives Devon nuts. She decides that she wants her father's computer back. She consults the Buy More and when she realizes there is a sex tape on the hard drive; Jeff and Lester come to save the day.

Chuck and Sarah start to value their missions again. They break into Casey's home, get past the watchdog, and get Casey's handprint off of a photo of Ronald Reagan to get access to Castle 2.0. They find Chuck's dad's computer and a few Gretas waiting for them. As Chuck fights off the Gretas, he discovers that they can also become intersects. They developed newer models to replace the originals, making Chuck feeling obsolete.

Casey is feeling bad for his old team and decides to invite Sarah and Chuck to join in on his mission. We find out that the new intersects are perfect except they are missing one thing that Chuck has – human emotion. Chuck comes out on top, outsmarting their intersects. General Beckman praises Chuck and dubs him the head of all intersect projects. The Gretas have their intersects removed and they are happy that it is out of their heads. Bentley shows up at Ellie's door disguised as a Buy More worker. He hands her her dad's supercomputer. Devon comes home to find her fixed on the computer screen.