Season 3 Episode 12

Chuck Versus the American Hero

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 29, 2010 on NBC

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  • What an incredible episode!

    I think that everyone who has seen this episode knows what needs to be said! Chuck is back on form! This episode had everything that we have been hoping to see. Some Ellie and Awesome, some Morgan, some Jeffster, some Casey (playing as pivotal a role as ever!) some action, some adventure, some comedy, and some Chuck and Sarah on their way to getting back to where they are supposed to be!

    I don't know what Sarah was going to do before Casey arrived and dropped the bomb that Chuck did not kill anybody but my heart wants to say that Chuck was winning the day anyway and the Colonel simply expedited matters! But who cares, she was finally going to make the right decision!

    Be honest now, who else cheered when they saw Sarah kill Eve Shaw as it would spell the end for the stone faced special agent! Come on, I think you know that you did, as cold as it sounds.

    I have been living in fear the past couple of weeks, praying that the writers are not going to make the situation any worse and now I am back to being gripped and wondering how I am possibly going to get through an entire week without the next episode.

    Roll on Monday! Team Bartowski need to get back in action and for once Sarah needs saving!

    Can't wait