Season 3 Episode 12

Chuck Versus the American Hero

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 29, 2010 on NBC

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  • Ooooooooooook You Chuck Fans might hate this but...

    I have watched Chuck on and off so maybe I might not be the most avid fan but I do enjoy the episodes once in a while, this season has been by far the most suspensful and I have loved Chuck going into full Spy work. This episode had great moments but mostly from lesser main characters (Devon, Casey and the Nerd Herd Gang) they were funny and they proved once more how lucky Chuck is and has always been for having great friends that go extreme measures to help him out. I know alot of you or all do not like agent shaw (honestly after seeing that video you would have done the same, its your wife who got killed), ok he is in the middle of Sarah amd Chuck, but is he the real obstacle between this two? NO! They are, they have been playing around each other hidding, going to other relationships and hurting other people while they tried to deny their feelings. Chuck finnally knows what he wants because he sees Sarah moving forward with someone, who above everything really cares for her, and Sarah needed Casey's confession to take the final decision to go with Chuck, which in any case she has killed more people that you can count and its not going with the man who can possibly be the man of her life just because he did what he was suppossed to do? and the "you are not the same man I fell for" pleeeeeease can it be more overdramtic??? Anyways everybody thinks Shaw will go nuts and try to kill Sarah and Chuck will finnally kill someone, if that happens Sarah will go and dump Chuck because now he REALLY killed a man??? because if she doesn't then she does not have any real convictions and was just making again an excuse not to be with Chuck. I think they will play it as Shaw being incapable of killing Sarah as they find out it was a montage or something, or that Sarah just wound her and the Ring opperative really finished the job, then they will team up to find tehe real murderer. At the end Shaw will leave to Washington wether to jail because he went rouge or as an agent and tell Sarah to go back to Chuck because he really loves her and she also loves him, anyways they dont have a future because she will always be the one who made her wife got killed or something. Then we will all have a happy ending where Sarah and Chuck can go back to their on and off relationship!
    You'll see one way or another Shaw will not even hurt Sarah, because whatever you might think he was really shocked when he saw the video it was painful to realize that the woman that you are caring for and really look to spend time with its the one who had taken away the most important person in your life...I cant blame him really, and as I said I would do the same.