Season 3 Episode 12

Chuck Versus the American Hero

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 29, 2010 on NBC

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  • I loved this episode. It had a bit of everything in it- laughs, action, Charah and Casey!

    The first half of this episode was crack up. Morgan, Awesome & Casey all working together to help Chuck was definitely one of the best parts. Morgan pretending to be a RIng agent "they might not call right away, but just be patient", Devon tackling Shaw (who doesn't love it when Shaw gets a beat down) and Casey being Casey were all great moments for this dream team.

    I must say I was glad that Ellie had a better part in this ep than lately. Being the only one out of the loop she's been a little annoying but it was good to see her get frustrated for the boys ending up in jail and then getting angry at Chuck for not going far enough trying to win Sarah back. It was good to see this character be a little more passionate and more like the big sister we all love.

    Chuck and Sarah seem to be getting back on track. It's been hard for her lately and a lot of people have been put off with the S3 Sarah but she's had a lot to deal with and props to Yvonne for her amazing acting of such a distraught and confused Sarah.

    Looking forward to next week (as always!) and the beginning of the end for Shaw!