Season 3 Episode 12

Chuck Versus the American Hero

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 29, 2010 on NBC

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  • Chuck is granted a week off, as he needs to assemble a team for his first spy assignment to Rome, and even more needs to win Sarah back so he can continue any sort of spy career, and finally confess his feelings.

    I think the writing and acting in this episode continued to be top-notch, and we were treated to a bunch of supporting cast members giving great performances of great situations. Ellie finally being included in giving our hero advice was welcome, and she was superb in that bit! But the comedic turns of Casey, Morgan, and Awesome helping Chuck to win back Sarah were incredibly classic/unforgettable moments that will help define this season: undertaking a mission to sabotage a dinner evening with Shaw and Sarah, each one plays a funny part with funny dialogue, realizing that Chuck winning back Sarah and going to Rome is exactly what everyone wants and needs. We see that Casey must rejoin Team Bartowski to escape civilian life, and goes to great lengths to achieve this, by telling Sarah the secret that he killed the Mole during Chuck's Red Test. Morgan sees a chance to continue friendship with Chuck, by auditioning to be a member of his Italian team, and also goes to great lengths by voice-disguising Shaw's exit from the restaurant, giving Chuck his chance to plead his love for the wonderful Sarah. And Awesome sees his chance to join Doctors Without Borders, now that Ellie is granted a sabbatical from USC and would be granted a sabbatical from Chuck, if he were to leave Burbank, and also goes to great lengths for this, by trying to tackle Shaw out of danger and out of the conversation at dinner! But it's the heroism of Shaw by surrendering to the Ring, and then Chuck one-upping him by trying to rescue him, that make up the heart of the show. Well-done!! And the story is headed for removing Shaw from the show, and Sarah's life, finally, and ending the arc of Shaw heading up our team, for good!