Season 3 Episode 3

Chuck Versus the Angel de la Muerte

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 11, 2010 on NBC

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  • A Awesome episode...

    Premier Allejandro Goya, the dictator of a fictitious South American nation called Costa Gavras whom Casey attempted to assassinate in the past, has come to the United States to announce that his country will be holding open, democratic elections for the first time. After an assassination attempt on the dictator, team Bartowski is ordered to get his medical journal to find out the cause of his heart attack, only to find out that Chuck's brother-in-law, Devon Woodcomb, is the dictator's doctor. This season gets better each episode, this was awesome and the first episode of the season to feature the plot on Devon and Ellie. Awesome was great in this episode and he provided most of the laughs this was alos the first episode of the season to have Casey in the center of the action. Sadly no Buy More AT ALL which was dissapointing but I think this was the best episode yet of the season the ending was both sad and exciting what is going to happen to Awesome we will see in the next episode. I find the new intersect very cool, Chuck started dancing was really funny.
  • Awesome is awesome

    Now THIS is more like it! What a fantastic episode of Chuck. Immediately what works for me about 'Vs. the Angel of Death' is how focused and tight the plot was.
    Aside from the usual missions, and the usual structure a normal episode follows, we get something a bit fresh here. This was more of a protection assignment. The Premier is played with fervor and enjoyed the way he tried to pour on the charm with Ellie. Seeing Ellie and Devon integrated into the plot and mission in such a key way was a great move, and really highlighted the potential this season can have with all the new roles some characters are playing. Just about everything works, from the dance sequence to the medical procedures at the end- it's all just great stuff- without the Sarah/Chuck angst and Buy More parties. Now there is a nice scene with Ellie and Sarah and at the end of the ep, a tender scene with Sarah and Chuck deciding to be friends that are both played tender, without coming on too strong. Devon is the highlight , though, and the show did a good job of handling how the character wants to help, messes up big time, but still redeems himself, all without really ever losing his 'awesomeness'. The cliff hanger had me holding my breath- Awesome better friggin not be dead! I will hurt people! Thankfully, looking at next week's clips, he should be okay.
  • Chuck is back with a vengeance. Awesome gets involved in the spy game as he is familiar with Chuck's secret life and it becomes necessary for the team to use Awesome's relationship with a Dictator to protect him while he's in the US.

    Sweet!!! One of the best episodes of Chuck ever. This episode has a little bit of everything that makes Chuck great.

    We get to see Ellie and Awesome's first time together nine years before and then we fast forward to the present. Awesome saves the Dictator of Costa Gravas. Then the dictator played the wonderful Armand Assante comes to their home and invites Awesome and Ellie to a gala at the Costa Gravas Embassy so Sarah and Chuck go with them. Coincidentally they have orders to stop an assassin from killing the dictator. In one of the funniest bits in the history of the show we learn that Casey is known in the country as The Angel De La Muerte (The Angel of Death) because he has killed so many Costa Gravan military over the years.

    Casey ends up getting captured because of Awesome and the freaking ensues. You have to see this episode to really appreciate it for all its greatness. I especially enjoyed the dancing and the operation later. I had my doubts about the new skills of Chuck, but this episode uses them to perfection.

    Ryan McPartlin as Awesome, Sarah Lancaster as Ellie, Yvonne Strahovskia as Sarah, Adam Baldwin as Casey, and Zachary Levi as Chuck are all wonderful in this episode. Truly a wonderful episode and a great start to the third season. CHUCK is BACK!!! Thanks for reading...
  • Great episode and hopefully a good bar for what we can expect from the rest of the season. Awesome's performance in this episode was truly, pardon the pun, awesome. Did not expect a cliffhanger this early in the year but it was a darn good one.

    Overall great writing, especially in how the evolving relationship between Sarah and Chuck is not being pushed too early. The storyline so far this year has been very engaging and I am hoping we will continue to see truly great quality of episodes like this one.

    The interactions between Chuck and Awesome were very intriguing because of Chuck's changing role. It seemed like his talking to Awesome about his situation actually is what allowed him to just be friends with Sarah. I will end this with saying that this is how shows should start up. My only hope is that this continues and right now that the next episode doesn't ruin the amazing taste I got from the season so far.
  • Wow, Chuck Me. I thought the first two hours of this season were great. This episode, though, hit it out of the park. Awesome action, Awesome emotion, awesome humor. I don't think it can get better than this!

    In tonite's episode, captain awesome is integrated into the plot, leading to a truly amazing story line, some really bad ass action on part of chuck, some character development and ... I still can't believe how awesome this episode was. It is truly awesome and in my opinion handily defeated himym's 100th episode. Don't get me wrong, I love How I met Your mother, but tonite's chuck was just perfect. think it is a testimony of a truly great episode, if the first thing you wanna do is go write a review. Is is the episode u should show friends who are not chuck fan's yet, or to watch, if you are thinking about giving the show a chance. It is just pure fun. I know it's NBC, but it is really worth watching.
  • AWESOME episode..."Angela de la Muerte" Capitalist blood in my comunist veins :) bu THOUGHT HE'S DEAD :(

    well i still cant understand why producers think about ending chuck even its so great.It has comedy, drama and action all together... Not even talking about romance! u can laugh,get excited and feel the romance scene buy scene and that was what happened at the final scene i thought awesome was dead just be4 thinking about sarah and chuck are so lovely! After Emmets dead (first in the series that non-spy character dies) in season premiere it kinda shocked me that Devon can be dead but after seeing 4th episodes name "Chuck vs the op. awesome" now i see he's not.Cuz Chuck going to save him in the next episode (I wish)

    We've waited so long for Chuck's 3rd season but it totally worth it... And i hope it lasts at least 5 seasons
  • Totally awesome, and a welcome return of the fun, drama and action of the previous seasons!

    After a so-so season opening, I am very relieved to see the team back on track with a truly awesome episode. To me, at least, it was also a bit of a relief to be spared more Buy More-time - I didn't miss it at all. This episode had it all - Awesome and Ellie being cute and wonderful, Chuck and Sarah growing closer again (I loved those agonizing gazes across the dancefloor) and Casey being badass as usual. :D
    It was refreshing to see Chuck being quietly competent rather than a walking disaster area, and I really liked the conversations he had with his brother-in-law - allowing him to sound professional and competent, as well as bringing out the contrast between his in essence unsatisfying life and the down-to-earth happiness of Awesome and Ellie.
    While Chuck should never lose his charming goofball personality, he has been putting his life on the line for three years (and has finally had six months of training) and I'm happy that it's allowed to show. A goal-oriented Chuck who - while still getting nervous - doesn't squeak or flap his hands is a much more attractive and believable character to me at this point in the series. His relaxed and utter trust in Sarah is also a point in his favour - here is a man who is not threatened by a strong woman, but is secure enough to lean back and enjoy the show, with an almost Modesty Blaise/Willie Garvin-ish feel to it. The whole episode was chock full of goodness, allowing all the characters to shine in their own special way, and the ending blindsided me completely. I can't wait for the next episode, and I sincerely hope they manage to keep up this level of excellence!
  • Chuck versus The Angel De La Muerte! Phenomenal!

    I must say I am loving where this season is headed just after these first 3 episodes. I always thought they should find a way to get Captain Awesome more involved in the show and boy did they do it with some serious style points. This episode proves tonite that this show is bound to be on for some time to come yet!

    Watching the character developments and then adding to that some more detailed missions and more dark secrets in the CIA closet than we once thought. I can not wait to see the delicious Angie Harmon next week and it looks as though the special guest pool is just going to overflow this season...just bring back Mr. Bakula and I've golden!

    Welcome back Chuck and the Chuck Nation!!!!
  • EXACTLY why I watch Chuck.

    The first two episodes Sunday were ok, though not spectacular, but Angel de la Muerte finally brought back the Chuck we remember. This is the series at its best: Funny, dramatic, and action-packed, with a great guest performance by Armand Assante.

    At this point in the series I actually prefer the more confident and professional Chuck. I don't mind a little bit of the goofy awkwardness, but he's been at this game for two years now, so it's about time the comedy starts shifting away from Chuck stumbling over himself. Casey was his usual brilliant comedic self (yet another hilarious disguise and 'stache) and the Captain? Awesome, bro!
  • muy awesome HAHAHAHA that was classic

    Captain awesome is so classic in this episode. I'm glad they give him some star action in this one! That guy cracks me up every time i swear!

    SUPER intense ending! :O I was a little worried seriously after seeing Sarah stop by chuck's place and then whispering whatever it is that she said and hugging him.. seriously thought that awesome was dead :O! They can't just kill of Awesome! If chuck's the backbone of the show then this guy's like the shoulder blade haha..or whatever else is connected and/or close by the spine. :D

    Bravo! Se pasaron de lancha otra vez =) bien hecho carnales!