Season 3 Episode 3

Chuck Versus the Angel de la Muerte

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 11, 2010 on NBC

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  • Awesome is awesome

    Now THIS is more like it! What a fantastic episode of Chuck. Immediately what works for me about 'Vs. the Angel of Death' is how focused and tight the plot was.
    Aside from the usual missions, and the usual structure a normal episode follows, we get something a bit fresh here. This was more of a protection assignment. The Premier is played with fervor and enjoyed the way he tried to pour on the charm with Ellie. Seeing Ellie and Devon integrated into the plot and mission in such a key way was a great move, and really highlighted the potential this season can have with all the new roles some characters are playing. Just about everything works, from the dance sequence to the medical procedures at the end- it's all just great stuff- without the Sarah/Chuck angst and Buy More parties. Now there is a nice scene with Ellie and Sarah and at the end of the ep, a tender scene with Sarah and Chuck deciding to be friends that are both played tender, without coming on too strong. Devon is the highlight , though, and the show did a good job of handling how the character wants to help, messes up big time, but still redeems himself, all without really ever losing his 'awesomeness'. The cliff hanger had me holding my breath- Awesome better friggin not be dead! I will hurt people! Thankfully, looking at next week's clips, he should be okay.
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