Season 4 Episode 1

Chuck Versus the Anniversary

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 20, 2010 on NBC

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    A pretty solid premiere, we got the regular ol' Chuck back for a new season. After the amazing two part finale, it was hard to be impressed with this episode but to my surprise, it was really good. The episode and probably the whole season is focused on Chuck trying to find his mother. He continues to lie to Ellie, Sarah, and Casey.

    There's a new BuyMore, and it is now just for the CIA base, and we got to see the general up close and personal. The thing that was definitely missing were the supporting characters at the BuyMore, or Devon for that matter. In a premiere, everyone is supposed to be around. In the end, Chuck and Morgan end up in the same place Casey & Sarah do.

    Sarah ends up finding out about Chuck trying to find his mom, they get out of the situation alive, Chuck becomes a spy again, lies to Ellie again, Ellie's pregnant, and we learn that Chuck's mom didn't abandon them, she was captured. And it looks like Chuck takes after his mom with the fighting moves she put on at the end of the episode.

    An eventful solid premiere with some humorous and dramatic moment, although it felt like it was missing something.