Season 4 Episode 1

Chuck Versus the Anniversary

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 20, 2010 on NBC

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  • chuck is back


    chuck is back for its fourth season and even though i expected more since in its past its delivered on some really great season premieres. chuck is out of the spygame but of course by the end of the episode hes back in. chuck searches for his mother but has to destroy the evidence to find her with an EMP to save casey and sarah. by the end you see chucks mother who goes postal on the bad guys maybe emplying she has an intersect too? anyways good bad and great time.

    the good: exciting moments like the parachute jump off the sky scraper, and the excellent shootout scene with only flashes of lights from the bullets to streak light through the screen. chuck's intersect is still better than ever having him take down ten guys with weapons. the bad: the concidence of chuck ,morgan, casey, and sarah all being in not only the same place but same building also was just too stupid. feels like its going back to being light and fluffy like it was in the first season which isnt exactly a good thing due to the show falling into a dark attitude from the second and third season which set a great mood for the show. no jeff, lester, or big mike.

    the great: the sexting scenes where morgan cant take the hint. the buy more being back and being better than ever with it finally being a full CIA centre which will probably be some exciting future storyline