Season 4 Episode 1

Chuck Versus the Anniversary

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 20, 2010 on NBC

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  • season premiere

    good start to the season i reckon. sure, it could have been beter, considering the finale was freakin' awesome. but it was good. the sexting sub-plot was probably what made the episode so great, and it made up for the lack of jeff and lester. With chuck the sub-plots do tend to steal the show, and i do like that. im not too keen on the whole finding his mother thing, i hope it doesnt become repetitive. but i've never been disappointed with the writers of this before.. everytime something happens i think will ruin the show, they tend to come through.

    i do think that now that chuck and sarah are this perfectly happy couple, the show might lose a little drama.. but i'm sure they will work with it.

    and chuck keeping the spy thing a secret from ellie makes up for the fact that everybody now knows chuck is a spy, i guess. but i still think they let it out way too soon.