Season 4 Episode 1

Chuck Versus the Anniversary

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 20, 2010 on NBC

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  • I loved it, but I think it should have been called: "Chuck vs. the Public Transportation!" :-)

    It's great to see the team together again on the small screen. The repo-man situation was hilarious, but the subsequent use of public transportation was also a believable real life yet funny consequence for that situation. The Jury's still out for me as far as the new Buy More goes although you definitely can't complain about the scenery!!! (I mean Jeff and Lester were funny but please, no complaints here on that change), I think the "NEW" Jeff and Lester will also have some comic moments:
    Hot CIA Girl: Would you like a tour of the store?
    Morgan: Yes I would. Should I hold your hand? Hot CIA Girl: NO you should NOT!
    The whole Morgan sexting thing was also hilarious and OMG I'm still smiling over Sara's kicking the bad guys butt, while still strapped to a chair and the subsequent stretch to reach the dropped phone and texting with her toes. I personally don't know why Chuck couldn't have waited a couple more minutes to finish the file download before popping the EMP and killing the power to the building, but hey it was in the script, but again, the public transportation get away was hysterical! Linda Hamilton kicking butt at the end was perfect! I mean come on she took on the Terminator I think she can handle these clowns ,LOL, and does. Go Sara Conn-na' All in all looks like a great start to a new season! Thank you network for keeping our favorite show going and keep up the great work ! I for one will keep watching! :-)
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