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Season 5 Episode 8

Chuck Versus the Baby

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 30, 2011 on NBC

Episode Fan Reviews (2)

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  • Sarah is awesome !

    Amazing episode ! sarah's old handler goes rogue and drags sarah along for the ride to massacre some criminals who had moved in to a rich families home and a baby was the only survivor, sarah was tasked to retrieve the baby and upon realising the baby was just a meal ticket hides her with her mother and goes back to the cia to be 'chucks' handler.

    and we see morgan and alex patch things up finally, sarah has some good times with her 'new' sister and a heart felt reunion with her mother and chuck and sarah make their mark in their potential new home !

    greatness !
  • Felt like a Series Finale

    (possible spoilerish allusions)

    I'm surprised this hasn't been commented on more (New Years hangovers?). This episode was (almost) perfect in every way ... the one problem? We still have half a season to go. The way it dealt with the themes of family vs. career ... and how Sarah's backstory so neatly dovetailed into the start of the show five years ago ... it would have been the perfect way to end the show. So what are they going to do with the rest of the season?
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