Season 5 Episode 8

Chuck Versus the Baby

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 30, 2011 on NBC



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      "The Black Block" by Modeselektor
      "Clownin Around" by Deer Tick
      "Life, Oh Life" by Dads
      "We Are Young" by Fun feat. Janelle Monae

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    • Sarah: I am carving our names into the frame.
      Chuck: Honey, you know we don't own this home
      Sarah: I know, but we will one day. Might not be tomorrow or the next day, and it might take us months or years of hard work, but one day this will all be ours. And when it is, I would like to always remember this moment. So what do you say? You still in? (Chuck carves his name)

    • Chuck: You know, I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am that I get to meet you.
      Ms. Walker: It means a lot to me, too, more than you know. (about Sarah) Ah, it's been so long since I've seen her. She was always a tough little thing, you know, but I worried about her. Growing up mostly with her father, she always kept to herself. I know I don't know you really well yet, but thank you for giving her this.

    • Ms. Walker: Joining the CIA, and giving up everything you did, did you ever think it would lead you here?
      Sarah: No. No, but, uh, Chuck's taught me that every now and then, it's okay to be surprised.

    • Sarah: You know, I, I really want the life that you imagined for us, Chuck, but if we go back to the CIA, it's just going to be missions and secrets that we have no control over.
      Chuck: What are you saying?
      Sarah: I gave my life to the CIA for a really long time and I chose it over my family and my friends, and that was the right thing for me to do at the time, but... I'm different now. You know, things have changed. You've changed me. I don't want to go back.

    • Chuck: Morgan, I need to know what's going on with Sarah, so I've done some research, research on Hungarian culture cross-referenced with general horrible things that Sarah might want to keep a secret.
      Morgan: But didn't you tell Sarah that you wouldn't...?
      Chuck: Wikipedia-ing facts about Hungary is harmless.

    • Chuck: J-Just wait, just wait one second. Hear me out. Yes, I love you, so, of course, I'm going to want to know what's going on, why this mission needs to be so secretive, why you need so many guns, but I'm willing to put all that aside.
      Sarah: Really?
      Morgan: Really?
      Casey: Really?

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