Season 4 Episode 11

Chuck Versus the Balcony

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 17, 2011 on NBC

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  • Has it come to this?

    I've been watching Chuck religiously for years now. I liked the first two seasons, a farce about an underachieving nerd unwittingly embroiled in the world of espionage and his devoted pursuit of a female spy who's presented as somewhat out of his league. The nature of the show changed in season 3, when Chuck learned kung-fu electronically and had a hair cut that improved his looks. Still it was a great season with an epic finale. I do think the premise behind season 4 (about Chuck's mom and Volkov) is ridiculous, but the first half of season 4 still managed to maintain its charm thanks to the brilliant main cast (Levi, Strahovski, Baldwin, Gomez) and the fancy guest stars (Hamilton and Dalton).
    Having waited two months for the second half of the season, I can't help feeling that this week's episode was disappointing. It's about time for Chuck to propose to Sarah, and I wasn't surprised by that. But the proposal alone cannot make a good story; we need obstacles. The French villain in this episode is one of the worst and weakest villain ever in the show, easily beatable with a single flash of kungfu. He does not create any suspense whatsoever. Instead, the device that the writers use to drag the story forward is those ridiculous lame premises like Sarah's "engagement issues" (does such a thing even exist?), Casey's hatred for France (a cliche), Sarah's alleged hatred for surprise, and her sudden unannounced decision to assume the cover of rogue agent. None of these stuffs is believable. And the whole subplot about Lester is predictable and unnecessary.